Setting up an AVE group session with Spectrum eyesets

By Mary-Anne Janewski

Setting up an AVE group session with Spectrum eyesets

Setting up an AVE group session with Spectrum eyesets

For the past few decades, many clinicians have expressed the need for an effective and affordable AVE system for group work. The Spectrum eyeset and our DAVID PC apps offer a clinician the ability to set up a group of several clients on an Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) session on Windows-11 PCs. Now, by plugging into a simple USB hub, large groups can experience AVE therapy along with hypnotic inductions, relaxation therapy, and/or guided imageries. Color therapy is easy with million colors to choose from.

A group AVE session can be done in two ways:

  1. Everyone in the group can be controlled simultaneously from one DAVID Breathe or DAVID LIVE control window on your PC.
  2. Everyone can be controlled individually (visual stim only). 

The Spectrum eyesets come with either 6’ (1.9 m) or 10‘ (3 m) USB cables. When ordering, choose 10’ cables so that each person will have more room to space themselves from the others.

You can set up a portable system with USB port hubs and expansion boxes for headphones and splitters. If you use two 4-port USB hubs and plug into the computer, you could run as many as eight eyesets. If you buy a 10-port powered hub from your local computer store, you can run 10 eyesets. Here is a sample of one:

You can also purchase a headphone expansion box to set up 10 headphones. Both the USB port hubs and the headphone expansion box need to be powered separately from the computer as the computer will not have the ability to power the eyesets and headphones. Search for products that have their own power adapter. Here is another sample of a multi-port USB that is powered:

Our headphones have the standard small 1/8th inch (3.5 mm) plugs on them. The jacks used with this amplifier box take the larger plug (¼”). Headphone adapters (from ¼” to 1/8”) are included with the amplifier to accommodate our headphones.

Use with the LIVE app for a full AVE experience from Windows 11 USB control. You can select time and frequency pattern for the session.

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