Been using this for stress and Fibromyalgia illness and I find it triggers emotions (sometimes) that need healing. It is very relaxing once you get used to it. I think it is helping with my chronic anxiety too.

Lola Smith 


I have had such an incredible experience using your technology


Catherine Garceau, Olympic medalist, and author of Swimming Out of Water

Thank you very much for your support in purchasing a DAVID ALERT Pro. One month has passed since I received the mind machine and I have used it with my son with the Settle Hyperactivity mode every morning and the Relax session every evening. I find remarkable improvements in his behavior. He has also started to learn much better and got his first positive appraisals from teachers. Next I am planning to exercise Mood sessions for concentration and logic. 

Riga, Latvia, Europe


Great customer service! Both getting and returning the device was fast and stressless. Just mailed it back and got the refund in a couple of days. Although Oasis was not seeming to help in my particular condition, I’m considering getting another device once my test results and diagnosis are finalized. Just want to thank the Mind Alive team again for their efficient work.

Marina, Jul 2015