At Mind Alive Inc., we are proud of our reputation as leaders in the industry and furthering the legitimacy of the technologies by funding, conducting and providing products for research. We completed our first study on the DAVID 1 device in 1988, and since then there have been over 20 studies published about Audio-Visual Entrainment in peer-reviewed journals in collaboration with several research institutions including the University of Texas in Austin, Washington State, University of Alberta, Saybrook University and the Friedrich Alexander-University in Erlangen-N├╝rnberg, Germany.

Dave Siever, the CEO of Mind Alive Inc., has extensive knowledge and experience in designing, researching, and using the Mind Alive Inc. stimulation devices. He has also written a series of articles explaining the research and the astounding results that have been discovered.

Below is a graph demonstrating the benefits that can be obtained from the regular use of Audio-Visual Entrainment in clients with cognitive decline or dementia.