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Improve Your Life

Mind Alive products can help you improve many aspects of your life - your health, mental functioning, sleep, mood, and cognition. Try one today!

  • Sports Performance

    Do you want to improve your game? In sports, while training and physical “readiness” are key, the ability to focus under pressure is just as important. The DAVID Delight Pro can enhance your performance!

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  • Academic Performance

    Are you struggling and feeling stressed out with schoolwork? Would you like to improve your academic performance? The DAVID SMART can help you!

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  • Pain

    Are you experiencing aches, pain and discomfort? Tired of taking medications and want a drug-free approach to wellness? Try Audio-Visual Entrainment instead.

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  • Anxiety

    Is anxiety getting in your way of fully experiencing life? Afraid to go to the dentist, write an exam, drive in traffic or face the pressures of work? Do you often feel overly stressed? The DAVID Delight Plus can help you!

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  • Concussion & Brain Injury

    Now there is a drug-free way to manage Concussion/Brain Injury/TBI. The DAVID Delight Pro is a portable hand-held device which utilizes a non-invasive, drug-free approach to help relieve concussion symptoms.

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  • Sleep

    Are you having difficulty falling asleep? Want to feel more rested when you wake up? The DAVID Delight Pro is a drug-free way to improve onset of sleep.

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Simple DIY Repair to your DAVID

Although our devices are made exceptionally sturdy and robust, sometimes our customers experience a small problem with their battery compartment. If your device falls onto the floor, the inertia of the battery hitting the battery posts in the battery...

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Using Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) with teletherapy to help your clients during physical distancing

Are physical distancing restrictions getting in the way of you providing therapy to your clients who struggle with anxiety? We are getting more and more feedback from clinicians on how they are using Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) with their patients during these very stressful and difficult times.

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About Us

Mind Alive Inc. has been designing and manufacturing equipment for improving brain performance for over 35 years. This equipment includes Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES), Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and Microcurrent Electrotherapy (MET) devices. These innovative products are used worldwide as a non-pharmaceutical approach to improved mental health, increased relaxation and well-being.

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  • Lola Smith

    Been using this for stress and Fibromyalgia illness and i find it triggers emotions (sometimes) that need healing. It is very relaxing once you get used to it. I think it is helping with my chronic anxiety too.

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  • Catherine Garceau, Olympic medalist, and author of Swimming Out of Water

    I have had such an incredible experience using your technology

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  • Riga, Latvia, Europe

    Thank you very much for your support in purchasing a DAVID ALERT Pro. One month has passed since I received the mind machine and I have used it with my son with the Settle Hyperactivity mode every morning and the Relax session every evening. I find remarkable improvements in his behavior. He has also started to learn much better and got his first positive appraisals from teachers. Next I am planning to exercise Mood sessions for concentration and logic.

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  • Marina, Jul 2015

    Great customer service! Both getting and returning the device was fast and stressless. Just mailed it back and got the refund in a couple of days. Although Oasis was not seeming to help in my particular condition, I’m considering getting another device once my test results and diagnosis are finalized. Just want to thank the Mind Alive team again for their efficient work.

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