Drug-Free Management

Testimonial from Charles Forbin
Sep, 2023

"Prior to purchasing my DAVID Delight Pro, I was plagued with the medical profession telling me to try this drug and when it didn't work try a different one. Getting off meds like Oxycontin, Gabapentin, Klonopin and several types of antidepressants like Cymbalta and Lexapro is not easy and took months of withdrawal symptoms. I was on them for good reasons, but they never seem to fix the problems they were advertised to address. I began using my DAVID therapy almost 3 years ago and have religiously taken 30 minutes mid-day and 30 minutes before sleeping to improve my quality of life. I am no longer on any big pharma medications and my brain operates on a clear and painless journey each day. There are unique and distinct differences in the products available for Audio-Visual Entrainment including Cranial Electric Stimulation like I purchased from Mind Alive. These differences are important to the success I have achieved and are not found in competitors’ offerings. Thank you Mind Alive for all you have done for me including the after-purchase support."

Testimonial from Larry Cohen
Jun 17, 2023

"This review is long overdue. I’ve used both DAVID & OASIS II every day since 2015. Initially I used both devices for intractable nerve pain. With the aid of DAVID & OASIS & neuroplasticity (rewiring my brain) I was able to get off all pain killers and eliminate the nerve pain. It is my belief I would not have been successful in this endeavor without the aid of each. To this day I still use the sub-delta program on DAVID and the sleep setting on OASIS. Using the sub-delta program on DAVID daily as I have over the past 8 years has trained my brain to go to peaceful places I never knew existed. The point being that with time and persistence both DAVID & OASIS have had a profound positive impact on my life. The key to success is staying with the program every day. The benefits are there right in front of all who persist."

Google Review from Dr. Paula Strait
Jun 5, 2023

"Shockingly, my elderly patient with severe, post-radiation, limb pain reported complete pain relief after using the DAVID Delight Pro for just 2 weeks. I was impressed that someone with 10 years of severe daily pain would respond so quickly. Not what I expected."

Testimonial from Theresa Smee
Apr 28, 2023

"It was recommended to me to try a mind alive treatment for Ocular Migraines last October. I had been having these migraines for about 3 years with no help from either my eye doctor or my medical doctor.  My functional medicine doctor, David Marquis, thought it could be helpful.  After 2 treatments I went 5 months without any headaches and then had 5 in a row about 1 month ago.  I decided to rent the mind alive system and use it weekly to determine if this is what I need to keep the Ocular Migraines away.  I am now on my 3rd week of 2-3 treatments a week and I’ve had no migraines!  I enjoy this treatment so much I am going to try to use it more.  Thank you!"

Testimonial from Trevor Klushin
BC, Canada
January 8, 2023

"I've had tinnitus all my life. Around my home, I have fans running constantly to help drown out the ringing. I've been using the Mind Alive equipment for about 2 weeks. I still hear ringing, but it has decreased so much that I no longer need background noise. I would recommend this product."

5.0 out of 5 stars Life changing

Amazon.com Review
Jan 1, 2022

This is lengthy but I feel worth sharing in case anyone is wondering if it’s worth the cost or how it may help:
I first was exposed to these products while in a short term rehab for depression, as well as recovering from way too many years off prescription opiate use that led to the inevitable abuse as your brain chemistry is genuinely altered~90% of the pain that began the journey had been healed thru yoga until the opiates overtook my ability to continue practicing regularly & simply spiraled the situation~I was fortunate to find a phenomenal facility that focused on healing the brain as well as spirit & discovered that I was definitely NOT imagining my decline the last 5 years as my alpha waves were dramatically lower than delta & beta, the only 3 part of that treatment. I KNEW I didn’t feel like myself anymore, after a series of years of incredibly emotional &/or traumatic experiences in addition to the opioid affects, but it’s hard to know if it’s just reality now or something is truly off.

Aside from having read about how the opioids alter brain chemistry, I had read about & discussed w my dr how a brain can get stuck after a series of these types of situations where emotions trigger such different than norm neurochemistry & I was hopeful yet desperate! The first thing I was 100% sure of during my first days there was that after my normally scheduled twice weekly 20 min session on the CES, I felt better than I could recently remember. I began signing up for an extra session every evening right after group meetings, during snack time & before bed. The days my depression nudged me to blow it off or it was already full, I had more trouble sleeping & was less motivated to do anything the next day. When I learned the nursing station had a couple of machines we could use in our room at night, it was a life saver! I watched friends who came in struggling in MUCH more dramatic ways than myself start to really turn around & thrive when their psychiatrist assigned one the carried around & could access 24/7, esp 1 who never removed the headphones from his neck & only gave his ears breaks from the clips occasionally (though I m guessing so much use led to the clips not feeling so tight after 30-40 min!! So lengthier use was easier….for this reason, I sometimes leave mine clipped to something a bit thicker than my ear when not in use)

I was thrilled when my psychiatrist wrote me a script for one during our last meeting before I left! (I had been talked into using MAT, medication assisted treatment, for the opiod situation vs going home clean after learning how the brain begins to heal & the 12-18 mth time frame~which my husband & others falsely previously convinced me was trading 1 for another bcuz when done correctly it’s got to be 1000x more likely for long term success…it’s 2 years since leaving & I’ve not remotely struggled while down to only 20% of daily med taking when left & like clockwork roughly a year ago began having moments of feeling like my true self again, which have now increased to almost full time! 2 yrs of healing vs 10 years of opioids & 7+ at amounts that should’ve easily killed me~if you know someone….MAT immediately & learn addiction science!!! We get it all wrong )@: ) Despite having great insurance, I paid $3k for the facility where many w/o ins were paying $60k, only 45 days!, of course it wasn’t covered~neither they nor the pharmacy had any clue what I was even looking for!?!? After hours of online research, I found the ones identical to what we used~obviously I wasn’t chancing something else! I got it for a bit less, but after a couple of weeks debating the expense, I decided it was NONnegotiable!!!! I could tell how much I needed it, especially back to emptying my folks’ home due to both unexpectedly passing 6 mths apart just before I checked in, & very shortly followed by covid, which I’m pretty certain spread there early feb just before I left…2 days after 1st “flu,” dozens were sick, 2 went to hospital & 1 came back w oxygen, & by week’s end staff was wiped out too!

I don’t see using the Deluxe feature of creating my own, but absolutely LOVE the variety of sessions included & wish we knew there vs the standard they gave us. I didn’t use the glasses often there because there weren’t many, but knew it was worth including. I still don’t use them as often as the other, but definitely prefer the option & is a noticeable difference at times! I most often use an Alpha heavy 42 min session, & simply go about doing housework or whatever, esp when doing multiple sessions back to back, but when I’m REALLY feeling stuck, anxious, or just off, a good 20-30 min session sitting & just soaking it in or while reading is something VITAL to my day.

If you struggle w ANY of the recommended uses, I simply cannot recommend enough!!!! Take the time to read the manual online & understand what your seeking & how best to achieve results. The science supports it if you research, but I’ve witnessed & experienced first hand. It’s criminal that insurance pays for dangerous medications & procedures that treat symptoms but not something that can actually HEAL the issues! Even therapy & yoga are only as good as the person leading you…this is something YOU can control & depend on. It’s worth every penny & more. Go for it!

Testimonial from Danielle D
AB Canada
Nov 18, 2020

“A new back injury is tough to deal with. However, with the help of the DAVID Delight Pro, I can still get up every morning! Two ways it is helping me; pain management and sleep. I use the CES/MET on my back. The gentle pulsing helps to keep the pain at bay. Using AVE at night puts me to sleep in no time flat. Thank you so much Mind Alive for a great product!”

Testimonial from Ina
August 28, 2017

For 2 years I've been overtired and have fought my way through my family life and my work. Unfortunately, for 1 year I have had a chronic pain condition and several pain crises. I found out about DAVID Delight through an acquaintance. I have now been using it for 5 days and feel like a new person. The constant tension is gone. Everything is clearer. I no longer have "disturbing" feelings and I'm able to concentrate again at a high level and am more balanced. A magnificent thanks to the developers. 

Testimonial from Cynthia Kerson
May 22, 2017

I had shoulder surgery about a month ago and my doc and PT insist I keep taking narcotics for pain and motion enhancement. They're horrible (the drugs - not the docs). They cause nausea and headaches. And withdrawal has been torture. However, the Oasis CES calms me down and alleviates pain. I've been doing theta and alpha sessions and the difference before and after is remarkable. No nausea. No headache. I've been doing two 45 min sessions a day. My PT is impressed with the range of motion improvement despite my taking no medications at all. Thanks to Dave and Mind Alive!

Testimonial from Jerry K., Ph.D.
April 19, 2017

"I really enjoy and use my Delight Pro a lot. You are remarkable to have developed such a marvelous device to its final stage. I can see those little tweaks you made to make it more user-friendly. The OCD paid off ;-).  I use it to sleep, awaken and sometimes as a break during that mid-afternoon doldrum to experience a bit of inspired mind surfing. I vary the programs greatly. My favorite music is by Tangerine Dream- Phaedra is my number 1 gateway. It's my release from the grip of neuropathy without a pill. So, thank you, Dave. I am so very grateful to you." 

Roland Verment

5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazon Review
February 23, 2017

"The DAVID Delight Pro is by far the best machine in the industry. It gives me a perfect boost each morning."

Testimonial from Brent Hugo
Apr 22, 2016 

"I had seen the DAVID Delight Pro device and wanted one for several years to help with sleep issues, but simply could not justify the price…or so I thought. Also a concern was whether it actually worked, was it medically safe and was it simply a psychological “trick” or gimmick. On 6 October 2015, I sustained a fairly severe concussion and subsequent intense headaches, so intense I missed work for weeks and when I finally did return to work, could only stand to do so part-time for over a month.

I had intense headaches, sleep loss, mood swings and memory loss. So though not specifically mentioned in many places for treatment of concussion issues, I decided between my meditation practice, my sleep issues, my aversion to chemicals and my desire to alleviate the pain at almost all costs, I invested the money in the device.

While the device certainly has helped at all levels, specifically, in regards to the concussive symptoms, I found varying my focus on the “images” or patterns presented by the glasses, my symptoms of pain and nausea started to lessen and then disappear within only two uses of the device. Within 4-5 days I was going several hours without pain and could fall asleep within 20 minutes. I have now been using it for 7 months. My eye therapy (I had a vestibular alignment issue from the concussion) progressed much faster than my therapists had anticipated.

It’s also important to note that I am a very physically active person with a very high pain tolerance. Over my lifetime, and mostly in my early to late teens, I have been in the ER more than 15 times for broken bones, burns, severe cuts and dislocations, mostly sports related. I also grew up on a farm and worked in construction most of my twenties and thirties. I say this only to give “credibility” to the fact that I am not one who succumbs to minor injury, annoyances or physical discomfort. The pain that this device alleviated for me would be classified as severe to debilitating for most people." 

Testimonial from Ms. Terry Tremblay
AB, Canada
Sep 23, 2014

"As a sufferer of Progressive MS and Crohn's disease, I’ve been left with little option but to use medications, but being on so many I thought I would like to try something non-drug related.

One of my many symptoms is sleeping disorder. On a particular morning I woke up from one of those awful sleep-deprived nights with severe head pain and pressure, and of course, fatigue.  I could hardly move.  My friend suggested that I try her DAVID Delight Pro; I was very skeptical. Over the years I had spent quite a bit of money on various self-help healing gadgets which claimed relief, only to be left disappointed. I was in a terrible way that morning, and out of desperation, I decided to try the DAVID Delight Pro. I used one of the ‘Energize’ sessions and before the time was up I felt 80 percent better and 100 percent energized, clear-minded, and happy when the session was completed!  Wow!

I would not have believed it if I had not tried it myself! Now I want to have my very own to try all the options to see how it can help my other symptoms!"

Testimonial from Ellen S.
Sep 2014

"My husband is in hospice care ---- terrible nights - agitated - no sleep. The usual answer is to give morphine but we used the DAVID.

Totally changed the night experience. Now he is comfortable. No more twitches. Sleeping pretty soundly. I gave the info to the Hospice people.

Well done, Dave Siever. I have very high regard for your work and all of you who have worked to produce this healing instrument."

Testimonial From Sargent Goodchild
August 6, 2014

"I got an intereochanteric fracture while playing on a slackline on Saturday afternoon. They gave me pain medications at 4 in the afternoon AFTER an excruciating transfer to the x-ray table and series of x-rays. From that point until and beyond today I have managed all my pain with sub-delta AVE and CES. I did not get surgery until Sunday morning so it should have been a very painful night. No joke, this technology is better than morphine. Just the CES alone was enough to put me to sleep within 15 - 20 and I would sleep for an 1.5 - 2 hours before waking up and repeating. Nurses stopped asking me if I wanted pain medication when I was doing laps up and down the hallway with my walker by Sunday afternoon."

Testimonial from Michelle B
July 21, 2014

"The Oasis Pro has been a great addition to my pain control regimen, it seems to 'get at' the deeper pain more effectively than the TENS devices I have used in the past. I would not hesitate to recommend it."

Testimonial from Kate F.
Jun 16, 2014

"From a customer who is using her Mind Alive device in conjunction with a Doctor's supervision.

I made an appointment with Dr. Saunders to receive help with bipolar depression and pain. I have struggled for over 15 years and have tried everything to find relief. Within just a few months of receiving help from Dr. Saunders with TDCS and CES, my condition is in complete remission. I got my life back! I couldn’t be more grateful! I feel confident to be able to use tDCS and CES for health on my own thanks to his help . I feel completed liberated, strong, and empowered."

Testimonial from Deepa Somani
April 18, 2013

"I heard about AVE from Mr. Krish Srikanth in India. I bought it from him while I was in India. For my migraine issues and for focus and increase in memory, alertness and awareness. My son is in the Swim Team and has started using it ...his lack of focus and issues with being irresponsible have been resolved to a large extent. Deep gratitude for all your efforts in making AVE so easy and mobile (bag it and move).God Bless You for alleviating human suffering and worries."

Testimonial From Mark Koharchick, PhD, LPC
December 1, 2011

"The following is about my experience with the DAVID (first purchased in 2002 and still in use), to the DAVID Delight Pro newly purchased, and few DAVID PAL 36s in the middle. Let me begin by stating my experience in biofeedback began in the mid 1980s using EMG for muscle tension. I learned about EEG and went through the training and, years later, was among the first group to become certified. I saw great benefit in biofeedback for a number of problems. I began using this to treat anxiety, depression, ADD, and most typical complaints presented to clinicians. Treatment went well for most patients. However, my biggest complaint with this treatment was the length of time it took to for a patient to receive some benefit. 

Then, by a stroke of luck, another clinician was telling me about AVE and had a DAVID Paradise XL. He specialized in ADHD and would tell me about the changes he noticed in his young patients with the AVE. I tried this “new gadget” and did not think it would amount to much of anything. Well, I was in for the surprise of my life. I felt some things that took me weeks or longer using biofeedback, were quickly resolved with the DAVID. I was hooked and had to have my unit. 

I began using DAVID AVE instruments in 2002, and continued with EEG Biofeedback as well. In my practice I noticed a much quicker response time for those with AVE. Patients seemed to enjoy this more than other treatments, and it was user friendly. I had witnessed such a dramatic success rate that I slowly decreased the usage of EEG and went completely with AVE. I found significant improvements in patients, especially those referred for chronic pain. It seemed to me that what I could typically have a patient experience in one AVE session would have taken about three weeks or more of training with biofeedback. But I do need to make one point perfectly clear. I am in no way putting down biofeedback. I am just commenting on my experience with the DAVID AVE units.

For the past seven years, I have been using AVE exclusively. I am employed at a hospital and am part of the pain management team. I have found that, in most cases, using a sub-delta .5-1 frequency has provided the greatest relief of pain for most patients. I have used AVE for treating tension headaches, Migraines, fibromyalgia, PTSD, stroke patients with paralysis (and actually had success in getting some feeling back to the effected areas), and other psychiatric and physical problems. I believe that there may be endless treatment considerations for AVE.

The reason I titled this, “I don’t believe it!” is due to the average comment a patient tells me, first of all when I explain what AVE is and how it will work, and then, after the first session when they feel the reduction in pain or the state of relaxation. I have also noticed, and have been recording, blood pressure readings before and after sessions. I have consistently noticed a reduction in blood pressure on about 85% of patients. Some patients have made incredible gains, enough so they were able to reduce or stop their medications whether it is for hypertension or pain.

The DAVID AVE products have proven to be exceptionally reliable and, if I have ever experienced a problem, I made a phone call, talked to Dave, or any of the friendly staff, and the problem was fixed. I can not express my amazement in the success of this treatment and my gratitude for producing an instrument that is of such high quality.

Dave, I thank you and my patients thank you. "Testimonial From Michael Landgraf

Editor, AVS Journal, CA, US
December 3, 2010 

"Last month I had an outpatient medical procedure which turned out to be very unpleasant. Then two weeks later I pulled a groin muscle and pinched a nerve in my left leg while doing some heavy lifting. Both experiences were painful, not to mention totally aggravating!

I utilized seven sessions in your Delight Pro to help overcome my negative feelings and those painful sensations. Your system exceeded my expectations. This was the first time that I did not need to augment pain medications with AVE equipment for dealing with the extreme discomfort I felt.

Having personally used light and sound equipment for over 25 years, the Delight Pro is the first system that effectively helped me deal with pain issues without the need for prescribed pain medications.

I am totally impressed with the sessions you created for the Delight Pro and I am 100% confident when recommending this system to my clients who are in need of pain relief."

Testimonial from Amanda Jackson
AB, Canada
March 5, 2010

"I started experiencing headaches when I was ten years old. Most weeks I'd have them at least every second day, and they often made school difficult for me. Fluorescent lights, the sun and humidity often made them unbearable. I've never been able to pinpoint exactly what was causing them, although I do brux (grind my teeth) at night, which my dentist thought was a contributing factor. 

Around the time I was twelve years old, I went to a neurologist. He checked everything out and told me that I was suffering from tension migraines. He told me there are no prescriptions for these type of headaches (they are different from the aura-type migraines that many people experience). His recommendation was to get Botox injections, as they paralyze the muscles (which were tensing and causing the headaches). I never went through with it, mostly because I was terrified of the idea of having needles stuck in my head. Botox is also fairly costly, and there an approval process is needed for most insurance companies to agree to pay for it.

So, over the years I continued to take Ibuprofen and Tylenol for the pain. I built up a tolerance to the drugs to the point where I'd be taking twelve extra strength pills a day. Of course, this much pain-reliever is hard on your stomach and liver! In Canada, half of the cases of liver sclerosis are attributed to Tylenol. But I had no other choice - I would be miserable and unable to get through my days if I didn't take the painkillers.

I finally decided to give audio-visual entrainment (AVE) a try. I decided to try the Schumann Resonance session (an alpha session) and I was amazed with the results. The session itself was beyond relaxing - I'm not sure if I fell asleep, or if I was just extremely relaxed, but when the session ended 20 minutes later I felt great.

I have been using this session everyday (or every second day) for almost three weeks now. In that time, I've only had one migraine (and that was on a day when I didn't run a session). This is incredible for me, as in the past I would have at least four migraines a week. 

I am so glad I never tried Botox, and that I have AVE to use instead. Over the years, I'm sure I would have destroyed my stomach with painkillers."

Testimonial From Dave Rivers
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
April 11, 2008

"I purchased a DAVID recently.  My mom loves it so much I can't get my hands on it. She has lupus and chronic pain.  With the DAVID, her days and nights have improved dramatically.  Her cheeks are rosy and she looks so relaxed (a rare sight).  So I am ordering her a DAVID, so I can get mine back."

Testimonial from Peter Jordan
July 2012

"Along with migraines I have been suffering severe vertigo in it's true sense. I kept falling over the dog, bouncing off walls and just being plain miserable. I have severe neck degeneration from C1 to C6 and no-one has been able to help.

With the vertigo I was placed on an excessive amounts of differing drugs. The idea was if one did not work then try another type. I had no positive results at all.

I was sitting at the computer trying to get the world to stop reeling and rocking and thought I have not tried the Delight Pro during the day time. I use it each and every night but not during the day.

So I used the Extended Deep Alpha Relaxer session, firstly whilst still at the computer and then I had the overwhelming desire to lie down.

I did this and finished the session and then got up and I felt I had lost something. Vertigo is what I had lost. It really was amazing. So I have continued using the same session and although the results have not been as great, the vertigo may come on for a few minutes and then it has a break up to 2 hours and then another small attack.  This I can live with.

Knowing that if I do the complete session lying down I am going to get an unbelievable response is wonderful. Makes life a whole lot more bearable and I am even planning to do a camping trip with my wife, something not done for years.

I should add that in January we purchased a new vehicle and I have been so bad I have only driven it twice, just down the road to the the Chemist/pharmacy. How wonderful to be able to drive a new car that I only had been able to sit in or look at and think "what a wonderful car" and not be able to drive it."

Testimonial from Peter Jordan
January 27, 2008

"Have received my CESta and have given it a fair old workout.  Last night as the headaches grew in intensity, I had to have a Morphine injection to alleviate it to some degree. Finally went to sleep about 3 am and woke with the headache raging once more. So I thought it is time to put my new CESta to work. I did and really all I can say is a great big thank you to all.  It was remarkable the effect using the CES function had on both my pain and my depression, words just could not do the result justice. It was just unbelievable, so now I look forward to a much brighter New Year and I will be singing my praises of your CESta to all that will listen...I am still amazed at the changes in my being since I have been using the machine and they seem to be compounding daily."

Testimonial from Diane Moeller
AB, Canada
August 15, 2007

"I wanted to write and let you know how much the DAVID has helped me in my health and life.  I started having migraines when I got MS.  The migraines started when I was 35 and I am now 52.  The migraines, for the most part, were very severe.  I was in and out of hospitals.  There were numerous ER visits for the migraines.  I would, a lot of the time, be immobilized in bed three to four days a week.  The rest of the time, I would have a migraine on the pain scale of a 6 or 7.

One year ago, I was put in the hospital for severe migraines and sever MS attack.  They did a D.H.E., Regaland, and Benadryl treatments for five days with no success.  After 19 years of trying to get rid of the migraines, they said there is not anything else they could do for me.  I was on two medications a day which only help a little.

I started using the DAVID around two months ago.  I have had amazing results.  I have days where there are no migraines at all.  I only have a few days per month where I have to say in bed. Usually now, I just have a migraine here and there on a a pain scale of 5 or 6.  This is because I am coming off the two medications that I have been on for a very extended period of time. I am completely off the one medicine and have been taking half dosage of the other one.  I feel in a month or so, I will be off the other one also.  The other wonderful thing is that I get total relief from any pain when I meditate with the DAVID and get into an alpha state.   I feel that the DAVID has been a prayer that God has answered for me.  It is awesome an I will never quit using it.  I tell anyone I can about the success I have had from it and how lucky I am to have heard about it. 

Since I  have had such success from the machine, my husband is now using it. He has ADD. He also works two jobs and a lot of hours. He has very little sleep and a lot of stress.  He has just started using it but I am completely confident that it will also be a big help in his life.  He works nights and get woken up a lot while he is trying to sleep.  The DAVID helps him get back to sleep each time quickly when he is woken up." 

Testimonial From Nina Hearney
November 10, 2005

"I am a 49-year-old woman with an autoimmune disease that is very disabling.  For two and a half years doctors have been unable to control the disease or the pain.  There have been periods of one to three months that I have been completely bedridden.  This causes a terrible strain on me and my family.

My therapist asked me if I would like to try her DAVID to see if it could help at all with easing stress, sleeping, increasing energy, and pain control.  I said yes- but I was pretty skeptical that a machine could do all that. I usually stay with "western medicine" practices.  I borrowed her DAVID anyway. 

I used the DAVID for ten days, twice a day.  I immediately noticed a difference in my sleep.  I was able to sleep more deeply, so not as long.  After a week, I also noticed I wasn’t taking as much pain medicine as usual.  Just a little less but even that was a big difference for me.  I was pretty shocked by the changes I was seeing and then I had to return the DAVID to my therapist. 

About two days after returning the DAVID, I started feeling worse again -  more painful, worsening sleep.  I decided right then to buy my own and have been fortunate enough to do so.  I am getting back into my cycle of using it twice a day.  Once again, I have seen immediate results.  Thank you, Mind Alive.  This has really helped me."

Testimonial from John Anderson, Minnesota Neurofeedback
December 30, 2004

"During more than 30 years of biofeedback experience I have utilized a variety of interventions with clients experiencing migraine or vascular headaches.  Many of these interventions, including the standard muscle relaxation and temperature training protocols, were moderately successful but depended on strict adherence to home practice schedules, self-monitoring and dietary restrictions. I did not see impressive results until I began using EEG biofeedback in the spring of 1992. Clients experiencing migraine headaches found excellent, lasting relief in most cases and these gains were maintained following the termination of training.

I began using audiovisual entrainment (AVE) devices with clients experiencing anxiety disorders around 1996 but was hesitant to introduce this technology to my clients with migraines due to the prevalence of photosensitivity in this population. Several of these clients became aware that I was using these devices with other clients and requested the opportunity to use AVE for their headaches.

Following the introduction of AVE technology, the need for other home practice interventions was virtually eliminated. Home training with AVE devices appeared to replace relaxation skills training and other behavioral adjustments. Clients no longer had to monitor dietary intake of potential triggering substances and more importantly clients found that the use of an AVE device at the beginning of a migraine episode would almost always abort that episode within 15 to 20 minutes.

My preferred AVE device has been the DAVID due to the excellent quality and flexibility of this device and the Omniscreen eyesets. That flexibility allows each client to self select training protocols that most effectively meet his or her individual needs while also controlling light and sound intensity which is so important with photo and auditory sensitive individuals.

The standard intervention for clients with migraine symptoms now includes weekly neurofeedback sessions combined with daily home practice with an AVE device. Clients are instructed to begin with a 15 minute session of 10 Hz stimulation for the first two or three sessions and then to self select sessions with target frequencies below 10 Hz. Most clients tend to select sessions with target frequencies between 6 and 9 Hz. Approximately 10% of clients with migraine symptoms find they are unable to utilize an AVE device and proceed with twice-weekly neurofeedback sessions and the more traditional home relaxation training exercises.

Most clients report significant decreases in migraine frequency, intensity and duration following the combination of neurofeedback training and audiovisual entrainment. Many clients even report the complete cessation of all migraine activity. Clients who do find AVE devices to be beneficial almost universally purchase the devices and continue to use them on a PRN basis. Most report that this is the only intervention they need to abort the occasional migraine episodes that continue to occur."

Testimonial from Vangelis Kapantais
October 10, 2001

"Thank you very much for your product catalogue. I already am a proud owner of the DAVID and will be ordering some accessories and the Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eyeset. In your letter you mention that research is being conducted of the positive effects of the DAVID devices. I'd like to say that in March 2000 I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and of course went to the doctor, got the shoulder shrug and the prescription. After 10 days there was no visible or physical improvement - still slurring my words and the weeping eye - then it dawned on me - try the DAVID, so I did!

In the first three weeks I did 3 x 40 minute Delta sessions - and was 90% cured from Bells Palsy. I repeated the same course of sessions over the next week and recovered totally. I would think from my experience that you may want to assess conducting research into treating Bells Palsy."

Testimonial from Carla Janzen
AB, Canada
October 5, 2001

"I have always dreaded going to the dentist, not because of the pain etc., but because of the long lasting effects of the freezing. I decided to give the DAVID a try and not have freezing.

I needed two old fillings removed and new ones put in. These fillings were fairly large and deep. I trusted your advice and set myself for the Extended Deep Alpha Relaxer, a 90 minute session designed for Dental/Pain.

I was amazed at the effects and the lack of pain I felt. I was totally aware of everything going on around me and I did feel one or two small pings but nothing to keep me from using the DAVID again in the same situation.

I must admit it took a great amount of faith in your judgment to try this but I am very glad I did. Not only did I not have to tolerate the after effects of the freezing, I felt very relaxed and refreshed. If I were to choose freezing, I would still run a session while in the dentist chair just because I feel so much more relaxed afterward.

My son recently underwent dental surgery to remove four wisdom teeth. When he arrived home from surgery he was in great pain so he took two Tylenol with codeine. This did not relieve all the pain, so he ran a session for fifteen minutes. After running his session, he awoke and started feeling more pain and so ran another longer session.

Thank you for encouraging me to try a session while at the dentist, my dental visits will be much more enjoyable from now on."

Testimonial From Donalie Caldwell
BC, Canada
November 24, 1999

"I can't thank you enough for developing such a wonderful product. For the last eight months, I have been using the DAVID for my fibromyalgia.

A "perker" session in the morning gives me enough energy to get through the day. After two years of being unable to work, I am now working at two part-time jobs. Muscle pain has almost become a thing of the past. When it does occur, a quick session on the DAVID soon rectifies that. Due to a sleep disturbance, it was necessary to take supplements for sleeping for over three years. Now with the DAVID I am off all sleep aids and sleeping well. Gradually, I have found my mind is much clearer and alert. My old personality is finally beginning to return. Apart from the health related benefits, I am also thoroughly enjoying using the DAVID to enhance my meditations. I look forward to playing and exploring with the other sessions that are available as well.

It was not a difficult decision when I decided to become a distributor and share this wonderful technology with others."

Testimonial From Lori Haselhorst
BC, Canada
September 27, 1999

"My most sincere thank you for the DAVID. Having suffered with back pain from degenerative disc disease since 1964, the DAVID  has really changed my world and way of living.

When I first started using the DAVID, I found I was finally able to have a deep sleep and gradually had less pain upon arising. Within three weeks, after being virtually house bound, I was able to go out for up to five hours! Friends who have not see me in a while are absolutely surprised at the change in me. I sleep better, have less pain and am more relaxed. Wonderful! I was even able to change residence. Without the DAVID, it would have been impossible. Trying out the various programs is an adventure and a pleasant experience.

My most sincere thank you again for having given back to me relief and restful nights. I can now look forward with pleasure to celebrating and not just enduring my 70th birthday."

Testimonial From Elzbieta Gorecka
AB, Canada
July 20, 1999

"I was asked to write an opinion about my experience with DAVID.

Thank you for the opportunity of being a part of your research study and allowing me to experience medical benefits from using the DAVID. This wonderful brainwave entrainment device made my miserable life easier, more bearable, and increased the quality of my life while using it.

I was an energetic person until 1992 when the onset of my severe health problems (including back injury, depression, fatigue, insomnia and then as a secondary debilitating Fibromyalgia/Myofascial Pain Syndrome complex, and Hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto's thyroiditis) caused me to came to sloth-like states such as moving slowly and painfully. Every single task in my daily life became robotic. I experienced musculoskeletal pains all over my body. I also experienced paresthesias, edema, tenderness, pulling in my muscles, constant pain in the neck, the head, shoulders, arms, my entire back, chest, abdomen, hips, buttocks, limbs, knees, elbows, feet, joints, ligaments. With the above came the non-restorative, unrefreshing, light, fragmented sleep patterns and also body stiffness, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, irritable bladder syndrome, poor short-term memory, poor concentration, irritability, sensitivity to loud sounds, bright lights, decreased hearing, sensitivity to drugs, environmental sensitivities, blurred vision, dry eyes, dry mouth, problem with balance, problem with judging distances, mixing up words while talking and/or writing, dysmobility, incoordination, chills, dizziness, flu like symptoms, sore throat, heat/cold intolerance, loss of appetite, mood swings, night sweats, hypersensitive skin, pain while breathing and breathing difficulty. My symptoms get worse with repetitive activity, physical over-activity or under-activity and also with physical and mental stress, anxiety, cold, heat, high humidity, weather change, hormones and more.

Just reading the above symptoms can make one depressed but in my case I experience all of them. The symptoms are severe enough to impair my normal functioning on a daily basis in every possible way including the trauma of not being able to work, and not being able to do things like before.

What did the DAVID do for me? I have been trying almost everything that present medicine can offer for my health problems resulting in a little improvement (most of those things help me just to survive from one day to another). My symptoms improve with multi-disciplinary program including: heat, gentle exercises, dry weather change, relaxation, light massage, magnetic therapy, ultra-term, electro-stimulation, acupuncture, supplements, herbs, medication but nothing was as effective as DAVID which gave me hope for more than just survival from day to day. From the very first day of using this device (continued using for about 5 months), my sleep patterns have been improved, I slept deeper and the frequency of my wake ups decreased. I experienced less pain, less stiffness, less muscle tenderness, decreased some of sensitivities and increased physical and mental energy. I, and those around me, became more happy. It was like a new possibility to try and push myself to do more for my health and to be a part of my family of five.

Presently, four weeks after the return of DAVID my sleep patterns returned to my previous ones. Again I wake up not refreshed. I experience intensive, deep, dull, aching, exhausting, nagging, unbearable pain most of the time. I also experience more: stiffness, fatigue, sensitivity, irritability, poor concentration, anxiety, depression and feelings of being worthless.

I found DAVID to be crucial for the quality of my sleep, my only alternative, especially that the doctors believe that there is no cure for Fibromyalgia."

Testimonial from Anghared Finch
AB, Canada
May 14, 1999

"I suffer from extreme fatigue and pain due to Fibromyalgia. After using the DAVID Paradise Jr. for four weeks I began to experience six 'good' hours a day where I felt 75% normal or pre-fibromyalgia. Having experienced very little remission over the course of the two years with FMS - I am very excited. I experienced quite a significant decrease in pain and fatigue that I thought to myself 'I feel almost normal!' My hope is that six hours will turn into eight, then ten, then twelve and I will be back to functioning as I want to be.

Often when I returned home from a medical appointment or errand I would be in so much pain and too fatigued to attempt anything. I would do a half hour program on the DAVID and feel 'I can stretch now and maybe prepare dinner.' Additionally I would experience endorphin rushes instead of pain while stretching and doing yoga. This made exercise a great deal more enjoyable!

I have meditated for 20 years, practiced yoga for two years, Q Gong for three years and I was immediately aware that within two minutes I was brought to a deep meditative state with the DAVID. I have noticed that if I am able to meditate two hours I have a great decrease in FMS symptoms but I am often only able to obtain this state once every one or two weeks as my mind won't settle down. With the DAVID this state became more obtainable on a daily basis. I discussed the changes I experienced with my doctor and we both feel there is a certain correlation with my improvement and the DAVID."

Testimonial From Paul Rykes
AB, Canada
May 3, 1999

"During the period of about mid-October, 1998 to March of 1999, I used a DAVID for the purpose of improving my ability to experience a continuous sleep at night. Previous to my using a DAVID, it was impossible for me not to awake at least five to ten times each night.

When I was first given the use of a DAVID, I must admit to being very skeptical of its claimed effectiveness. I was at first reluctant to attempt to use the device, thinking it to be yet another trendy electronic gimmick. High in flash and low in benefit other than perhaps a placebo effect. I initially resisted using the device, but late one evening, about a week after having received it, I lay down on the couch and turned it on. I watched the display of lights for about ten minutes then I became impatient, turned it off and went to bed. That evening I woke up only twice. This improvement provided the incentive to continue to use the device for several subsequent evenings, just before going to bed. As the duration of the continuous sleep increased and the incidence of waking up decreased, I soon found myself using the device every night.

With the assistance of the DAVID, I noticed a marked improvement in my ability to sustain sleep throughout the night. I would encourage anyone experiencing difficulties sustaining sleep to use a DAVID."

Testimonial from Vivian Martin
AB, Canada
April 27, 1999

"The following are some of the benefits that I have experienced while using the DAVID during the research/study program:

Total elimination of morning and evening stiffness
Deeper and more relaxing sleep
More relaxed and energetic in the mornings
Less pain due to better sleep
Energy pattern more stable

I personally believe that the DAVID machine helps significantly in controlling some of the symptoms associated  with Fibromyalgia.  I certainly would recommend the machine to anyone with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."

Testimonial from Natalia Dobrolige
AB, Canada
March 3, 1998

"I have had Fibromyalgia Syndrome for about five years. One of the worst problems associated with this condition is disordered sleep patterns, which can manifest as inability to fall asleep, light sleep which is unrefreshing and easily interrupted, inability to sleep long enough, or to reach deep sleep stages necessary for regeneration and healing, and/or other sleep disturbances. I have found the DAVID to be extremely effective for all these symptoms. Using it, I am able to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. I have also found various programs on my DAVID helpful to use with healing and meditation visualizations, as well as for waking relaxation and energy-boosting, all of which help greatly with pain control and reduction of physical and emotional tension. I am very happy with my DAVID."

Testimonial from Norm Monette
AB, Canada
February 20, 1998

"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome this year. My main complaints are fatigue, pain and uncontrollable shaking.

I have been using the DAVID for three months. Using the DAVID unit had decreased the intensity and duration of my pain. Although I still get headaches, I don't get migraines, and my headaches do not last as long as they used to.

I used to disappear for three months at a time because of pain, fatigue and self-consciousness. I used to hide because of my discomfort, but using the DAVID has decreased my discomfort and I don't suffer for as long as I used to. Part of that was what felt like anxiety attacks. I'd become overwhelmed, and that could last for hours or days. While in this state, my pain and fatigue could come back in a day or a month and would range in severity.

Since using the DAVID, I have not had a severe anxiety attack, and the frequency of these attacks is less. My sleep has improved and I'm less tired. Because of fatigue it was hard to control my emotions. Since using the DAVID device I have far more control.

Using the DAVID has also increased my energy level. I used to sleep eighteen hours a day and still feel tired. Now I sleep less and have more energy. Family members who have problems sleeping have also found the DAVID to be effective.

The first day I used the unit I went from barely being able to walk to being able to go to school the next day. The day after that I was able to work out. I stopped using the unit for four or five days to see if it was actually the unit that was working or if my expectations were producing the results I wanted. Within a couple of days I was feeling tired and sluggish again. I went back on the unit and have not come back off. Nor do I plan to."

Testimonial from Shirley Smith
AB, Canada
February 12, 1998

"Since 1982, I have been suffering from pain in one ear, which has been getting worse every year.

Some of the solutions that I tried were a mouth splint, physiotherapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, steroids injected into my mouth, and prescription drugs. The only thing that helped was anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-seizure drugs. I became allergic to the anti-seizure drugs and had to discontinue them.

In the last couple of years, I have had to resort to more pain medication and the only solution that was suggested, was to sever a nerve going to the ear.

I started using the DAVID in November and since then I’ve had a substantial decrease in pain.  I have virtually stopped using prescription pain medication for the ear pain and I am no longer kept awake at night with ear pain.

I was made aware of this device though the medium of television and I’m grateful for the help that it has been to me."

Testimonial from Greg Mynzak
AB, Canada
February 6, 1998

"I first found out about the DAVID on television last fall. At the time, I had just been through three major abdominal surgeries. Due to the nature of the complications, I had not slept a decent night’s sleep in several months, specifically as the result of the chronic pain I was in. When I received my machine, I could not believe the immediate results.

Thinking that I was fooling myself, I anxiously used the DAVID on a regular basis every day. I even took it to work and used it during my lunch hour. This enabled me to function well enough at work that I eliminated the use of the prescribed painkillers I was taking. This eliminated the terrible side effects that were happening to me. After the second day of using the device, I knew that the great benefit to me was well worth its cost.

Several times I have even fallen asleep while using the DAVID before bedtime and woken up the next morning to the alarm clock with both the headphones and eye-set still on. I believe that the unit’s programs eliminated my pain before bed and enabled me to sleep very soundly and painlessly.

I have all the confidence in the world when it comes to promoting this unit and its effects to anyone who has to live and function normally with chronic pain."

Testimonial From Martha Haley
AB, Canada
October 15, 1997

"I purchased a DAVID machine in September 1997 and after reading the material and experimenting a bit settled on some programs that seemed to provide the most benefit.  Since you told me that I had an over abundance of beta waves, I avoided any programs which contained these.  I initially used the Clean out the Closet and the Meditate to Sleep programs.  Even while using the machine for the first time, I could feel the tension around my sternum easing up a bit.  After using those two programs, the former in the afternoon, and the latter at bedtime, for three days I noticed after I got out of bed on the fourth day that my shoulder and neck which had such a deep ache to them for such a very long time were instead feeling a fuzzy tingling, and that the pain was gone!  Only then could I more accurately determine the constant level of pain which I had been subjected to as closer to a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, rather than the 3 which I think I put on your questionnaire.  After a few more days my energy level gradually increased, although my stamina was and is still poor.  My tension headaches, which could be very severe, have become much less frequent, and when they do occur I can use the DAVID to eliminate them.  I have also halved my dosage of Zoloft to 100 mg per day.

I am not the only one that has noticed a difference.  My husband, who used to disturb my troubled sleep with his snoring is being paid back big time.  I am apparently snoring the roof of the house now when I use the machine to go to sleep.  My massage therapist has also noticed a marked difference.  Where my muscles used to almost jump at her with the slightest touch, and were very slow to respond, they are now much more pliable so the massages have become more beneficial.

Although I am by no means well, my quality of life has improved to the point that I was able to drive to Pennsylvania in late September to visit my sister, and attend a horse show for five days with my DAVID machine in tow.  The horse show, with all the walking, long hours and my assistance to a friend with her horses proved to be too much, so I had to cut short my stay and miss the final weekend.  I was forced to take two days to recuperate in bed in a hotel in New Jersey before returning home.  I have no doubt that without the DAVID machine my body spasms would have become much worse, longer lasting and more painful.  Since returning home it has taken me about two and a half weeks to get to the point where I am not overcome with fatigue.  I am still having some spasm problems.

My husband, Jalal Hosein, MD., and I wholly endorse the DAVID machine for the positive difference it has made in our lives."

Testimonial from Cheryl Martin
ON, Canada
Oct 1997

"My first experience with the DAVID was in October 1996. At that time, I had been suffering from painful, and frequent earaches (several a month), for the last seven years. I had been to several doctors regarding these earaches, and was given no conclusive reason for their occurrence, and no treatment.

I went to see a chiropractor about an unrelated matter and was told that my earaches were probably stress related, and more specifically, were probably as a result of TMJ. It was suggested to me to meditate to relieve stress and relax the body.

Not being familiar with meditation techniques, I was told about you, and the service you offer. After several sessions with the DAVID, I noticed that I was not getting earaches. Now, after one year of using the DAVID regularly, I am very happy to report that I have had only ONE earache!

The benefits of using the DAVID have gone far beyond curing my earaches. My energy level has increased; I sleep better; I communicate and interact with people more effectively, and most importantly, I don't get so "stressed out!"

Thank you for helping me discover a new way of living."

Testimonial from Dr. Roy C. A. Fearon
AB, Canada

"Our office was introduced to a powerful effective tool with multiple uses.

The DAVID machine uses light and sound to guide our clients into a gradual meditation state. This keeps their muscles relaxed so that unnecessary strain on the TMJ is reduced and time consciousness is relaxed. Comments like "that didn't seem to take so long" have been heard after 1 ½ hour appointments.

Some of our staff are using the unit for stress relief and our daughter is using it for energy balance. It has many other uses. We are very excited about this concept in dentistry and for personal use."

Testimonial from Dr. Howard Lim, DDS, B.Sc.
ON, Canada
October 30, 1997

"When you first called me in April of this year (after having read about me in the Toronto Star) introducing me to an electronic aid to calm people down, I was skeptical. Fortunately, my skepticism has always been equally balanced by open mindedness. After experiencing the DAVID for the first time, I was very impressed by how it created within me a profound state of relaxation. I read the studies that you provided for me and was happy to learn that this technique of relaxation not only works, but is absolutely safe. At this point and without hesitation, I bought the DAVID. Being a scientific individual, I was slightly uncomfortable using the unit on my patients right away so I used it on myself first. I would wear the DAVID when I went to sleep at night and found that I would regularly find the hardware still on me even long after the program was over. At this point I started to use the unit on my staff, to see what they thought. They all found the DAVID to be pleasant and experience a wide variety of sensations (including deep sleep, the feeling of "being on another planet" and the sensation of floating, to mention a few).

Finally I started to use the DAVID on my patients. I used it on only the most frightened of these. There were three very notable cases with many similarities. All three were female (two in their early twenties and one in her early thirties) and all three needed to have wisdom teeth surgically removed. Two of these women were seeing me for the first time, and one was seeing me after a long absence from my practice. All three had tears in their eyes as soon as I walked into the room, and they were all trembling with fear and anxiety.

I used the DAVID on them throughout the hour and a half procedure. I was surprised to observe that none of these patients even moved. They remained conscious, but very relaxed!

I only wish that I had known about this technology years ago, if I had I would certainly be the most popular dentist in Toronto."

Testimonial from Dr. Brian D. Read, B.Sc., Ph.D., D.D.S.
AB, Canada
November 15, 1995

"We offer the DAVID to all of our patients. Many of those who try it find it very relaxing, particular patients with TMJ problems who usually have trouble opening. I find that these patients seem more comfortable and show significantly less tendency to close their mouths or move around. I use the instrument frequently myself at home for relaxation to aid in concentration, and to relieve insomnia. I always take it along when flying because it makes the time on the airplane seem to pass so quickly."

Testimonial from Pat Mitchell
AB, Canada
October 2, 1995

"I am writing to thank you for the many benefits my daughter and I have experienced from using the DAVID. You will recall that Joyanna and I came to see you initially because of her attention deficit disorder. While we were in the office, I discovered that the DAVID can be used for a variety of purposes. I decided to try it to deal with my sleep disorder and chronic pain. We have both had positive results using your invention.

Joyanna was having difficulty completing tasks at home and at school. Her frustration, her teachers' and ours were creating many problems related to the basic ADD. Once she began to use the machine we were not only able to deal with the ADD, but with the resultant problems as well. Consequently, we were able to have the most pleasant family summer vacation that we have had in years.

For my part, it has become routine for me to be able to count on rising in the morning feeling refreshed and happy from a good night's sleep. Even when I was on four different medications, I could not count on being able to sleep. I can do so with the DAVID. I have also used the DAVID to go into a state of deep relaxation to deal with chronic pain from arthritis and fibromyalgia. Although I am never quite free of pain, the DAVID provides me with more effective relief than any medication I have tried and with the benefit of no side effects! As well, you said you have noticed an unexplained correlation between use of your invention, and improved general health. This seems to be true for me, as I no longer seem to be "catching everything that's going around".

To conclude my letter, I would like to thank you, on behalf of my daughter, and myself, for the improved quality of life that we have experience through using the DAVID."

Testimonial from Marie DeLuca
August 26, 1995

"The DAVID machine has helped me control my pain levels very effectively.  I do use the equipment a lot. At least three hours a day from pain relief. I also use it most nights to help me sleep.

Thank you."

Testimonial From Elke Hemmings
AB, Canada
June 18, 1992

"I have used the DAVID for the last three years for pain control. It relaxes me to the point where the pain diminishes extremely.

My son had a sleeping problem for over a year to where he had become suicidal. With the help of the DAVID, he was able to overcome his sleeping problem within three months and no longer needs it. My thanks goes out to you."

Testimonial from Dave Guard
September 27, 1990

"I want to tell you what a great help the DAVID has been to me. I have now completed a series of ten chemotherapy sessions over a thirty-week period, during which I used the DAVID every day. The elapsed time daily varied between a half-hour and two hours, napping, listening to music or repeating my mantra. In every instance there was a sense of welcome relief from the rigors of chemotherapy.

I had come home from the hospital with prescriptions for Tylenol 3 with codeine for pain, Restoril to get me to sleep, and Xanax for anxiety. They all did their job, but I found my physical demand cycle for them growing shorter all the time. However, I was soon able to break into this process and replace the afternoon medication with a session on the DAVID.

Then six weeks after leaving the hospital I decided to forgo these "comfort" medications to see if I could sort out the stresses of the illness from those of the pharmaceutical dependency, and confront my true symptoms, meaning that whenever I felt especially lousy I would take a session on the DAVID.....Anytime. In every case I was able to go from a negative situation to one of relief and optimism, often followed by healing sleep, but also when necessary, to be allowed to function properly so as to keep running a small business from my home. Encouraged by this, I kicked all these chemical prescriptions out of my house – the cravings subsided after three weeks – and I'm very sure I would have had a monumentally difficult struggle were it not for the DAVID. I'm not suggesting that the DAVID ought to be prescribed for patients in acute need of humanitarian comforts, to the detriment of the interest of our beloved pharmaceutical industry; but on the other hand would like to offer the opinion that when such drugs have completed their assignments and it's time to get back to normal, then the DAVID might be regarded as an excellent transitional vehicle.

If I maintain my proper discipline, there is a good chance I can be free from lymphoma after another year. This means getting from 9 to 12 hours sleep every day, never neglecting herbal dosages, etc., – but at the same time I have been encouraged by my doctors to lead a normal life otherwise. More than that, the heightened awareness of one's mortality is an inspiration to accomplish as many life goals as possible in the remaining time.

With this in mind, I flew to Sweden this summer to participate in their Vastervik Folk Song festival. I used the DAVID both ways on the plane to minimize my jet-lag. When I arrived at the festival after 20 straight hours of travel, I was informed that my public appearances would commence in two hours. I couldn't rely on a mere nap to revitalize me, so I recomposed myself with a session on the unit. During the summertime, the Swedes tend to lead twenty hour days, and this was the reverse of my recent past, where I had been sleeping that length of time daily. Again and again it was the goggles and earphones to the rescue for me. I went on from the festival to the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm and was able to videotape all the fence-jumping on the cross-country course, a five-mile event in 100 degree heat, and then continue on with the rest of my day just as a completely healthy person would.

Another unexpected application cropped up not long ago. I had enjoyed a delicious Chinese dinner in Boston, but woke up in the middle of the night with the MSG blues: heart pounding like mad. I reached for the DAVID immediately in the hope that it would help me stabilize my processes, and yea, it sure did!

Nowadays I'm still carefully monitoring my energy expenditures, which often means going to be tired but not sleepy, so I'll do a Theta session for amusement and then a Delta to take me surely to sleep. When it's a bit noisy in the early morning and I'm wakened but know I'll require more rest, I'll manually punch in a half-hour at 2 Hz, followed by the same amount of time at 1 Hz, then get ready for the new day with a spell of 7.83. I must have put in a thousand hours by now, but I feel there is so much more to explore. I can't believe all this comes from pulsations of light and sound, but I should ... since my professional duties are divided between music and video production.

Speaking of that, it looks like I will be in for some heavy-duty action in the near future: A reunion of the Original Kingston Trio (I was the founder and leader) and interwoven into almost the same time-frame, an hour long video project entitled Intensive Equestrian Conditioning to be taped in Scotland this fall and winter, and I will produce and direct that. So I want to thank you very much for letting me try out the new Paradise unit, it looks like a person could shape the session rather precisely, shop around a bit, have a real adventure, if that feels appropriate.

I could go on at great length about the sensations of color and pattern, the feelings of well-being and the freedom to either drift off or to maintain trains of reasoning and/or imagery, but it seems other folks have done a great job with that already. I just wanted to share some very real experiences with you and to express my gratitude to you and David Siever for making such remarkable technology available in my hour of greatest need!"