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Jan 1, 2022

This is lengthy but I feel worth sharing in case anyone is wondering if it’s worth the cost or how it may help:
I first was exposed to these products while in a short term rehab for depression, as well as recovering from way too many years off prescription opiate use that led to the inevitable abuse as your brain chemistry is genuinely altered~90% of the pain that began the journey had been healed thru yoga until the opiates overtook my ability to continue practicing regularly & simply spiraled the situation~I was fortunate to find a phenomenal facility that focused on healing the brain as well as spirit & discovered that I was definitely NOT imagining my decline the last 5 years as my alpha waves were dramatically lower than delta & beta, the only 3 part of that treatment. I KNEW I didn’t feel like myself anymore, after a series of years of incredibly emotional &/or traumatic experiences in addition to the opioid affects, but it’s hard to know if it’s just reality now or something is truly off.

Aside from having read about how the opioids alter brain chemistry, I had read about & discussed w my dr how a brain can get stuck after a series of these types of situations where emotions trigger such different than norm neurochemistry & I was hopeful yet desperate! The first thing I was 100% sure of during my first days there was that after my normally scheduled twice weekly 20 min session on the CES, I felt better than I could recently remember. I began signing up for an extra session every evening right after group meetings, during snack time & before bed. The days my depression nudged me to blow it off or it was already full, I had more trouble sleeping & was less motivated to do anything the next day. When I learned the nursing station had a couple of machines we could use in our room at night, it was a life saver! I watched friends who came in struggling in MUCH more dramatic ways than myself start to really turn around & thrive when their psychiatrist assigned one the carried around & could access 24/7, esp 1 who never removed the headphones from his neck & only gave his ears breaks from the clips occasionally (though I m guessing so much use led to the clips not feeling so tight after 30-40 min!! So lengthier use was easier….for this reason, I sometimes leave mine clipped to something a bit thicker than my ear when not in use)

I was thrilled when my psychiatrist wrote me a script for one during our last meeting before I left! (I had been talked into using MAT, medication assisted treatment, for the opiod situation vs going home clean after learning how the brain begins to heal & the 12-18 mth time frame~which my husband & others falsely previously convinced me was trading 1 for another bcuz when done correctly it’s got to be 1000x more likely for long term success…it’s 2 years since leaving & I’ve not remotely struggled while down to only 20% of daily med taking when left & like clockwork roughly a year ago began having moments of feeling like my true self again, which have now increased to almost full time! 2 yrs of healing vs 10 years of opioids & 7+ at amounts that should’ve easily killed me~if you know someone….MAT immediately & learn addiction science!!! We get it all wrong )@: ) Despite having great insurance, I paid $3k for the facility where many w/o ins were paying $60k, only 45 days!, of course it wasn’t covered~neither they nor the pharmacy had any clue what I was even looking for!?!? After hours of online research, I found the ones identical to what we used~obviously I wasn’t chancing something else! I got it for a bit less, but after a couple of weeks debating the expense, I decided it was NONnegotiable!!!! I could tell how much I needed it, especially back to emptying my folks’ home due to both unexpectedly passing 6 mths apart just before I checked in, & very shortly followed by covid, which I’m pretty certain spread there early feb just before I left…2 days after 1st “flu,” dozens were sick, 2 went to hospital & 1 came back w oxygen, & by week’s end staff was wiped out too!

I don’t see using the Deluxe feature of creating my own, but absolutely LOVE the variety of sessions included & wish we knew there vs the standard they gave us. I didn’t use the glasses often there because there weren’t many, but knew it was worth including. I still don’t use them as often as the other, but definitely prefer the option & is a noticeable difference at times! I most often use an Alpha heavy 42 min session, & simply go about doing housework or whatever, esp when doing multiple sessions back to back, but when I’m REALLY feeling stuck, anxious, or just off, a good 20-30 min session sitting & just soaking it in or while reading is something VITAL to my day.

If you struggle w ANY of the recommended uses, I simply cannot recommend enough!!!! Take the time to read the manual online & understand what your seeking & how best to achieve results. The science supports it if you research, but I’ve witnessed & experienced first hand. It’s criminal that insurance pays for dangerous medications & procedures that treat symptoms but not something that can actually HEAL the issues! Even therapy & yoga are only as good as the person leading you…this is something YOU can control & depend on. It’s worth every penny & more. Go for it~
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Testimonial from Cynthia Kerson


May 22, 2017

I had shoulder surgery about a month ago and my doc and PT insist I keep taking narcotics for pain and motion enhancement. They're horrible (the drugs - not the docs). They cause nausea and headaches. And withdrawal has been torture. However, the Oasis CES calms me down and alleviates pain. I've been doing theta and alpha sessions and the difference before and after is remarkable. No nausea. No headache. I've been doing two 45 min sessions a day. My PT is impressed with the range of motion improvement despite my taking no medications at all. Thanks to Dave and Mind Alive!