Updated Testimonial From Marissa Ponich

Canadian Women's Sabre Fencer

Aug 20, 2019

I started using DAVID Delight during the 2015/2016 fencing season after a recommendation from my sports psychologist. I primarily use the Brain Booster sessions. When needed, I will sometimes use the Sleep sessions or the Meditate sessions. The night before a major competition, I will usually use the Brain Booster function and I notice that I am definitely more focused and it is easier for me to get “in the zone” when I am competing. The system is compact and very easy to travel with.

In the last year, I upgraded to the DAVID Delight Pro device and it's one of the items I bring with me when I travel for competitions. AVE has helped me both in my everyday life and as a high performance fencing athlete. It has helped with focus (improved mental clarity and focus), calming nerves (especially before competitions when I might be nervous), positive mindset, jet lag (competitions are frequently overseas and I have a short period of time to overcome jet lag and perform), and getting a restful pre-competition sleep. The MET on this device has also helped me to heal an ankle sprain. 

Since starting AVE, I've achieved the following results:

-Team bronze at the 2019 Pan American Games

-Team silver at the 2019 Pan American Championships

-26th place (out of 155 fencers) at the 2019 Grand Prix in Seoul, South Korea 

-Gold Medal at the 2018 National Championships

-Bronze Medal at the 2018 Reykjavik Satellite Tournament  

-Individual Bronze Medal at the 2017 Pan American Championships

-Bronze Medal at the 2017 Cancun Satellite Tournament  

-Team Bronze Medal at the 2016 Pan American Championships

-Numerous National Level medals

AVE has been a major tool in helping me achieve my goals so far. I recommend it to other athletes looking for an extra edge in their games!

Testimonial from Shayne Hale, football

Aug 6, 2019


"My name is Shayne Hale. I am a former University of Pittsburgh football player, and I just returned home from treatment at Pure Sports Recovery.  While at Pitt, I played Defensive End. I worked very closely with Rebecca Bassham while at Pure, and she used the DAVID Delight Plus and glasses as part of my treatment. I was very impressed with how the Delight Plus and glasses were able to help me both throughout the week in the evenings and over the weekend when I was not in the office with Rebecca. Before using the device and glasses I had a difficult time sleeping, focusing, and I struggled with headaches on a daily basis.  Now after treatment and use of the device and glasses, I am able to sleep soundly, focus on my work, and I have minimal to no headaches. I believe the Delight Plus has contributed to this great improvement.”


Testimonial from Marissa Ponich

Canadian Women's Sabre Fencer

Edmonton, AB

Jun 11, 2019

"The MET kit that goes with the DAVID Delight Pro is very helpful to me as an athlete. At the Pan American Championships last year, I injured my ankle (between a second to third degree sprain on both sides of the ankle). It appeared as though the ankle swelling was not going down even a couple months later. I started using the MET kit and noticed a huge difference. It helped bring the swelling down in my ankle and relieved some nagging pain with the injury. I strongly recommend the DAVID Delight Pro kit both as a mental training tool and as a physical recovery tool for any athlete. It's very easy to use and extremely portable, so I'm able to bring it on my overseas trips when I'm competing."


Testimonial from Monty Simmons

Personal Trainer | Postural Alignment Specialist

London, UK

Jan 9th, 2019

"AVE has been a game changer for me. I like to start my mornings off with a meditation anyway, but there are days that I really struggle to get into it. I use AVE on these days now and it means I can stay on top of my headspace much easier and with much better consistency. I'll switch between the Alert and the Creative settings depending on what I have planned for my working day as a Personal Trainer. I've found it helps Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training too. Being on top of my game when training means a lot to me and using AVE just before my sessions really helps to get my head in the game. I've noticed a significant difference in my alertness and athleticism. It helps me to train harder, learn better and really get in the zone. Highly recommended product. I just wish I'd found it sooner."

Testimonial from Marissa Ponich

Women's Sabre Fencing - National Team

Edmonton, AB Canada

Sep 27, 2016

I started using DAVID Delight during the 2015/16 fencing season after a recommendation from my sports psychologist. I was already doing some biofeedback and neurofeedback with my sports psychologist, but it was great to be able to “train my brain” in between my sessions as well. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my overall fencing. I primarily use the Brain Booster sessions. When needed, I will sometimes use the Sleep sessions or the Meditate sessions. The night before a major competition, I will always use the Brain Booster function and I notice that I am definitely more focused and it is easier for me to get “in the zone” when I am competing. The system is compact and very easy to travel with.

Using AVE, I have noticed that I am more focused and confident both in fencing and in my personal life. I also worry and stress much less than I used to. I have also noticed that it has helped improve my relationships. I used to have problems sleeping, but now I rarely have any trouble falling asleep at night.

I was very close to qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The amount of improvement I have seen over the past season while I was using DAVID Delight has gone to show me that I cannot stop now. My goal is to win a gold medal in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and I am confident that I will succeed. DAVID Delight has been a major tool in helping me achieve my goals so far, and I would recommend it to other athletes looking for an extra edge in their game.

Full Testimonial Blog post

Testimonial from Brent Hugo

Allentown, PA, US

Apr 22, 2016

I had seen the DAVID Delight Pro device and wanted one for several years to help with sleep issues, but simply could not justify the price…or so I thought. Also a concern was whether it actually worked, was it medically safe and was it simply a psychological “trick” or gimmick. On 6 October 2015, I sustained a fairly severe concussion and subsequent intense headaches, so intense I missed work for weeks and when I finally did return to work, could only stand to do so part-time for over a month.

               I had intense headaches, sleep loss, mood swings and memory loss. So though not specifically mentioned in many places for treatment of concussion issues, I decided between my meditation practice, my sleep issues, my aversion to chemicals and my desire to alleviate the pain at almost all costs, I invested the money in the device.

               While the device certainly has helped at all levels, specifically, in regards to the concussive symptoms, I found varying my focus on the “images” or patterns presented by the glasses, my symptoms of pain and nausea started to lessen and then disappear within only two uses of the device. Within 4-5 days I was going several hours without pain and could fall asleep within 20 minutes. I have now been using it for 7 months. My eye therapy (I had a vestibular alignment issue from the concussion) progressed much faster than my therapists had anticipated.

               It’s also important to note that I am a very physically active person with a very high pain tolerance. Over my lifetime, and mostly in my early to late teens, I have been in the ER more than 15 times for broken bones, burns, severe cuts and dislocations, mostly sports related. I also grew up on a farm and worked in construction most of my twenties and thirties. I say this only to give “credibility” to the fact that I am not one who succumbs to minor injury, annoyances or physical discomfort. The pain that this device alleviated for me would be classified as severe to debilitating for most people.


Testimonial from Rick Cratty


November 2013

My name is Rick Cratty and I am 57 years old. I live in Northern California and for my fitness program; I swim on a regular basis in the local fitness center lap pool.

Recently I competed in my first open water swim race….The Tiburon Mile. The race is from Angel Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay back to the town of Tiburon.

As this was my first open water race, I had a fair amount of trepidation. The SF Bay is subject to fairly intense currents and as one would expect, the water is very cold (I decided to swim the race without a wet-suit to heighten the challenge). There is also a bit of added anxiety due to sharks.

In order to prepare myself mentally, I utilized my DAVID device for several weeks leading up to the event. I would typically engage a meditation program, and while relaxed, would envision a successful race, meaning I would be able to finish under my own power and not be rescued and fished out of the water! Using the DAVID AVE device allowed me to settle down and program my subconscious for a positive outcome. I was remarkably calm prior to the race but once I hit the 60 degree water, the adrenaline took over and for a bit, I was out of sync. That feeling passed and I believe the reason I was able to stay in the moment and not panic, was because of the deep programming I had experienced with my DAVID.

The picture attached is of me post-race. It was taken by my awesome wife Jill. I was pleased with the outcome and my sense of accomplishment was immense. When I finally got home later that day, I again laid down in bed, strapped on my DAVID, and ran a program as I relived the entire event in order to anchor the thoughts and feelings deep into my subconscious….because my next open water swim race that I am preparing for will be the race from Alcatraz back to the San Francisco waterfront!

CHEERS and thanks MINDALIVE for the assist!


Testimonial from Catherine Garceau

Olympic Bronze Medalist - Sydney 2000

Author of "Swimming out of Water

April 27, 2012

Using the David Delight Pro was quite the unexpected calming and transformational experience for me. In my quest to heal from emotional eating and depression, I rarely found a modality that produced such obvious results, in so little time. Just 5 days of using the device on different settings ( calming at night and energizing and focusing in early day ), the positive difference I felt and acted upon was stunning!

Over the years, I've addressed many of the interwoven physical, emotional, and spiritual causes for my disordered eating. Yet, still I continued to experience times where overeating and sadness emerged in ways I could not understand or come to peace with. The David Delight Pro way of balancing my mind, helped release this tension and create a foundation of ease from which to go about my day. In addition to watching my eating experience naturally normalize even more, I quickly felt more focused and organized, which definitely has increased my overall sense of ease and confidence.

Having studied the body/mind connection to food, emotions, and life for many years, it's no surprise to me that a technology focused on balancing brain waves would have a tremendous impact on anyone using it in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle of eating well, exercising, and pursuing a life that inspires the soul.

I am very excited to keep using the David Delight Pro -- as an easy to use tool to increase my brain's ability to shift through different brain wave states, deepen my meditation practice, gain stress reduction, increased resilience, and fuel my growing dynamic health.

Thank you to Dave and the team at Mind Alive.  I am excited to recommend the David Delight Pro to all women who like me, desire and deserve to be free from food compulsions and emotional eating.  In hindsight of how I could have benefited during my athletic career, every serious athlete should use this technology. For all the mentions above and to increase visualization and precision in performance, quite a mental edge to add to any game!

Wishing great health and well-being for all,


Testimonial from John Perna
Aspiring PGA Tour Player

April 16, 2007

“I have never experienced anything quite like the DAVID PAL36 with CES.  After just one 20-minute session, I experienced extreme tranquility and learned what focus really meant.  After my first use, I shot my lowest round ever and a course record of 66 at my home course."

Testimonial from Tim Adams,
Strength and Conditioning Coach,

Oakland Raiders NFL Football Team
Oakland, California, USA
January 31, 2004

“I believe completely in this technology and I think if anyone is interested in improving their performance, let alone their potential, then they would seriously consider using this technology and capitalizing on Dave's insight! I have found no other means that can directly affect an individual’s ability to control their emotional and physiological state as well as the DAVID Paradise can. The immediate physiological and psychological response is remarkable!"


Testimonial from Matt Nichol
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach,
Toronto Maple Leafs NHL Hockey Club

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
December 8, 2003

"As a professional strength and conditioning coach I am always looking for new methods of improving the performance of my athletes. I was recently introduced to the DAVID Paradise brain entrainment system by a colleague in the field and I was blown away!
I have used this product for pre-competition neural stimulation and for relaxation between competitive bouts and the results have been impressive. I have even used this product myself to enhance my own sleep as our constant travels can disrupt the circadian rhythms of the body and interrupt regular sleep cycles.

I think that "brain training" will be the next great frontier of performance enhancement in sports and I feel with the help of David Siever and the DAVID Paradise my athletes will be on the cutting edge. I would highly recommend this device to any athlete who is serious about maximizing the performance and recuperative ability."


Testimonial from Jay Poscente
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
June 3, 1998

"I have been using the DAVID Paradise XL audio-visual entrainment (AVE) device over the past year, both as a coaching tool with other race car drivers, and on myself. My Paradise traveled all over North America and was subject to every kind of abuse that daily travel can dish out, and it never missed a beat. I would like to thank you for bringing such a high quality, reliable product to market, and for the generous amount of training and product support you continue to supply.

Our primary use for the device is to augment recorded scripts designed to anchor desirable reflex responses during various on-track racing situations. While we didn’t collect any empirical data last year comparing driver performance before and after the entrainment program, I have no doubt that there was noticeable improvement.

An interesting side benefit of training with the Paradise was that it made a lot of otherwise boring mental work more interesting. Even the most unmotivated driver on my roster spent a meaningful amount of time doing mental work that he normally would not do.

I am going to continue developing our AVE training program next season, and will let you know of any interesting developments."


Testimonial from Holly Gerke
January 7, 1997

"Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciated the opportunity to use the DAVID to prepare for the ‘96 Olympics this past year.

The DAVID helped me to focus on a race plan and relax prior to competition. Before meeting with you and being introduced to your product, I found myself keyed up, tense and nervous prior to competition, especially major events such as the World Cup of Racewalk (1989, 1991, 1995), the Pan American Cup of Racewalk (1990, 1994), the Pan American Games (Argentina, 1995) and the Commonwealth Games (1994). Not only were these competitions very hard to focus through, but the trials for each event were really taking their toll on not only mental preparation but prep as well.

Once I began using The DAVID, not only did the competitions become easier to focus on but my workouts in training also began to benefit. I recall one of my most interesting workouts as being a long training run where I used the DAVID. Thanks to your innovative and creative technologists who custom-made a set of glasses I could actually see through while training! My heart rate stayed down and my speed increased - proof that your system worked!

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. You have a unique system which I hope my competition doesn't get their hands on!"


Testimonial from Sabrina Anderson
Women's Professional Billiard Association Touring Pro

January 17, 1997

"I am so glad to have received the DAVID Paradise Jr. as a gift from my Dad, just before participating in the ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge.

I made it to the final 16 televised matches. I finished 5th out of 48 players. I have used brain entrainment devices in the past. During several months after my old one failed, I struggled with my game and my ranking slipped from 24th to 32nd. I am very excited now with the Paradise Jr.

I really enjoy the custom programming for ‘In Psych For Sports' session. It made a difference. I am looking forward to many more successes in the future.
Keep watching for me on ESPN."

Testimonial from Janis McCaffrey
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
September 10, 1996

"Thank you for the use of the DAVID unit as I prepared for the Olympics. Many a night it helped me relax and stop my mind from racing before I competed. In general I feel more stable and relaxed about competing this year. I believe the unit and Hypno-Peripheral tapes really helped me tune in to how to put myself in a relaxed yet focused state of mind. Your support was greatly appreciated!"



Olympic Skater, Christine Boudrais, Has Become a DAVID Enthusiast!

"I am the fastest, I am the fastest, I am taking the last turn, I come in first!"

Christine Boudrais is a member of the Canadian National Speed Skating Team, with a silver medal from the 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer competing in the 3000 meter speed-skating event. Christine is now not only a world-class skater but an avid believer in brainwave entrainment.

Some time ago, Christine was tragically injured in an accident during competition, when another skater's blade became embedded in her thigh. Christine almost lost her life that day. In an attempt to heal the emotional wounds of the traumatic experience, Christine tried many different styles of treatment, including a floatation bath. One day, during recovery, Christine was introduced by a friend to the DAVID Paradise. Christine tried it, and from that day forward she was hooked. Now she won't go anywhere without it!

"I now use it (DAVID Paradise) twice a day, once in the morning to get a good start and another in the evening just before I begin training, in order to give me the focus and energy I need. I also use it to help get rid of my negative thoughts, and to visualize my courses for competition. I had my DAVID when I went to Lillehammer but, I was visualizing Sylvie Daigle and Nathalie Lambert passing me. I recognized my error and have corrected it. Now, I see myself running and winning", said Christine.

I asked Christine how she would feel if the batteries in the DAVID went dead, would she panic? "No, with the DAVID I have learned to relax and to visualize, it is a marvelous little machine but, you still have to do your part. It is not a miracle, I could have achieved a similar sensation myself, but I am lazy and the results are much quicker with the Paradise".



Rocky Thompson
Digital Seniors' Classic Champion

A ROCKY ROAD TO VICTORY – Thompson Rolls to Digital Title
Gordon, Joe. The Boston Herald. September 16, 1991 
CONCORD - In the 1960s, they called what Rocky Thompson did yesterday an LSD trip. In the high-tech 1990s, they call it a PGA trip – right to the winner's circle of the $400,000 Digital Seniors' Classic at Nashawtuc Country Club. Thompson shot a 70 in yesterday's final round to finish at 11-under-par 205 and out duel Lee Trevino and Bruce Crampton, winning his second tournament in 622 combined Tour events and pocketing $60,000.

Thompson, 51, then made a revelation. He announced he had been hooked up to a space-age sound-light relaxation machine all week, and the device had helped him retain his poise. Whether the machine works or not, no one can deny Thompson looked awfully calm when he flopped a wedge inside 10 feet on the final hole. It rolled dead center for the birdie that gave him a 1-stroke victory over Crampton, whose 4-under-par 68 just ahead of Thompson put him on the board at 10 under, worth $35, 000.

Gartner (a business partner of Thompson's) explained the machine covers the ears and eyes, makes sounds and makes the wearer see colors. The only color Thompson wanted to see was green as in $355,472 , 10th on the money list. Gartner said the machine has been researched for 20 years and taps into an Alpha, Theta or Delta wave state of consciousness. He said it affects the optic nerve and auditory canal and has aided learning-disabled students. Thompson, who did a push dance when the birdie putt dropped, simply called it a "Mo-chine" and insisted he was far more relaxed down the stretch than he had been in other tournaments.

"Bless that machine," said Thompson. "I was far more relaxed than I was before in similar situations; normally my hands would be a little jittery, but I noticed on the back nine that I was completely calm. It's strange."


-- Calm, Cool, Collected, Thompson guns down Trevino and Crampton 

Murphy, Tim. Golf World. September 20, 1991. p.56 

Concord, Mass – If there'd been a power outage at the Vista Hotel last Sunday morning, Bruce Crampton might have become the Digital Seniors' Classic Champion. But there wasn't, and he is not. The crown instead rests on the head of Hugh Delane Thompson, a 90's kind of guy who spent his final hours at tournament headquarters doing all the electronically correct things.

About 8:30 in the morning, Rocky Thompson plugged himself into a contraption called the Paradise light/sound machine for 30 minutes of chilling out, prior to leaving for Nashawtuc Country Club to protect a one-shot lead over Lee Trevino and Al Geilberger. Rocky's longtime pal, John Garter, the man who turned Toco, Texas's mayor onto the relaxation device earlier in the week, later talked of theta waves, balancing the hemispheres of the brain and how the machine benefited Down's Syndrome kids and people with learning disabilities