Special Needs & Autism

Testimonial from Susan Klingenberg 
St. Paul, MN, USA
August 12 ,2021

Built to last! This customer from 25 years ago is still using her device today!

"About 25 years ago I got a DAVID Paradise XL for my disabled son. My son has traumatic brain injury, severe autism, mental developmental delays, and uncontrolled epilepsy, plus he has no self-help abilities and no functional speech. My children and I have been using it regularly. My disabled son uses the device every day and it keeps all of us so much healthier, happier, and able to cope with extremely challenging behavior every day. No medications have worked for my son, and this was the only thing we could count on that could help change his behavior drug-free. It truly gave Mike, my son, the ability to imitate and connect with others and before this that was impossible. It has helped everyone cope with a long-term disability and that is a very tall order. I cannot imagine life without the Paradise unit and for that a big Thank You to Dave and Nancy!“


Testimonial from Mahabaleshwara Hegde
December 30, 2013

"We only started using the David Delight for the last few weeks. I noticed that my daughter's sound/music sensory issue has come down drastically.  She used to scream/cry if she was exposed to any radio music or pop song just a few weeks ago. We couldn't go to any shops for that reason. However over the last few days we are going to every shop and she isn’t even bothered with any music or sound. Quiet like any other child.  Even at home she is not bothered by most of music/tunes. This has given us a huge relief. Thank you." 


Testimonial from Linda B.
January 31, 2012

"I wasn’t sure this device was going to have any effect.  I mean really, flashing lights and beeps were going to effect the brain waves of an uncooperative child too young to practice conscious relaxation techniques!  Not my first bet. I’m a scientist and skeptic.
We have had a DAVID unit for about 2.5 weeks.
Our daughter came home with severe sleep issues at 11.5 months old.  For 5.5 years she has co-slept with me or me and my newlywed husband.  It took 4 to 1.5 hours for her to fall asleep every night with one of us in the room (even on the honeymoon) and she woke up if we got up after she fell asleep.  We have done therapy, Neuro Reorganization, Rhythmic Movement Therapy, Gluten/Casein Free diet, Nutritional Supplements, DAN! Testing, BIT/Crossinology and probably some stuff I’m forgetting.  She also gets triggered into violent destructive rages when she becomes overwhelmed emotionally.  Some of these helped, some didn’t, some we are not sure, but did no harm.  I have sometimes worried about whether she would ever gain control of her emotional regulation and I know it is still not a done deal.
I had heard about AVE, but was reluctant to spend $350 on something I wasn’t sure she would even leave on her head.  I was busy paying for other therapies!   We decided we were willing to risk $50 in rental fees to see if this would help.  She wasn’t thrilled the first two nights.  After that she started to fall asleep during the 40 minute program.  Less than three weeks later, she falls asleep within 20 minutes.  That is a lot shorter than 1.5 hours (not that I’m counting).  We do a series of relaxation exercise with her before bed.  If she falls asleep during these, she now rouses enough to remind us that she still needs to do her 'lights.'  We  let the program finish even if she falls asleep during it since the audio and visual pathways remain open even during sleep.  We even put the unit on if she falls asleep without it since we feel she goes into a deeper, more relaxed state of sleep.
Wow! We were thrilled to not be lying in the dark for 1.5 hours waiting for a thrashing, whining child to fall asleep.  (Who could blame her?  Could you handle it taking that long to fall asleep for YEARS?)  I would never have believed we would get these kinds of results in this little time and with this little opposition.   Did I say WOW?  WOW!!!! 
This morning I caught her as she started to trigger into an emotionally dysregulated rage, I told her that the lights would help calm her down.  Within 5 minutes, her breathing was calm and she was completely cooperative and non-oppositional when the program ended. She had fallen asleep. 
So, I know I am beginning to sound like an infomercial and I know from experience that none of these solutions are a one-size-solves-all, but $350 is a REALLY small price to pay for a chance to address some pretty intractable issues. I am only sorry I put it off as long as I did. And no, I don’t get a cut on anybody I convince. :)"

Testimonial from Karen Simmons
Exceptional Resources - www.exceptionalresources.com
Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA
September 20, 2001

"I was so impressed with how much the DAVID machine helped my son, Jonathan, with his autism, that I founded my own wellness center to help others. At the age of three, we used this therapy on him, which utilizes flashing lights and pulsing tones, over a six-week period. During and after this time, his negative behaviours diminished, his ability to engage socially along with eye contact increased, he became more articulate and better able to engage others in communication.

I truly believe the DAVID made all the difference in the world in who he is today and recommend it fully for others with autism as well as everyone else.

Now that more substantial research has been completed, I hope more people will try this new approach rather than drug-related alternatives."


Testimonial from Alice Nixon
Chicago, Illinois, USA
April 18, 2001

"I just thought I'd let you know that Nathan is doing great with the DAVID...his field is expanding...calmer...climbing trees for the first time...less anxious and fearful getting on the school bus...even sat in church on Good Friday for TWO HOURS without squealing...amazing...and after only 9 days. I love it! Thanks again."


Testimonial from Susan Klingenberg
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
March 28, 2006 (update)

"We still use the DAVID with Michael (and ourselves) every night.  Keeps us sane.  I've recommended the DAVID to many over the years.  Absolutely essential to have with an autistic child."

(Susan Klingenberg)
June 1, 1998 

"The DAVID machine has done wonders for Michael, as it is the only way he can relax and get grounded. We did have a tough time at first. All of the other children and myself were using it for a month and seeing real benefits, such as increased concentration, relaxation, and no more sleeping problems.

Michael, who is severely autistic, does not like any thing unfamiliar, so we had to restrain him gently in order for him to wear the headphones, and he fought steadily for three weeks, until the 21st day when something happened and he relaxed. It was a dramatic change, he started listening and giggling and didn't want to take it off. At this time, we didn't even attempt to use the eyeset. That next day, I received a note from his teacher asking "What has happened?" Mike is calmer and we are seeing eye contact, which was non-existent prior to this. I didn't tell them until a month later, that I was using the DAVID on him. His behavior improved and he was much less resistant to change, especially with "transition time", which was a night-mare to deal with.

The eye contact Michael continued to show improvement steadily, he was finally "with us", and with autism that was the bridge we needed so desperately. Before this, Mike was unreachable. So unreachable it truly seemed hopeless, not only to me, but also to his teachers. Since that major breakthrough we have made slow, but steady progress. Had this not been achieved, I shudder at the thought of what might have been. The eye contact was a direct result of using the DAVID with Mike.

The other major benefits has been a reduction in hyperactivity and a decrease in sleep resistance. So we're all able to keep a little sanity around here. The doctors have given Mike trazadone, ambiem, valium, and none of it worked as it would not affect the area of the brain with him it needed to. Having a child who will not sleep for three days is exhausting, and now, on setting 22, sends him to sleep safely. This week has been great! He loves the lamp, and it doubles the effect. He is sound asleep before the session is done. Mike's favorite settings are 16, 22 with 31 being the one that gives him the most delight. On a hard night, I'll do 31 then 22. Works like a charm! He has been resistant to other settings, but we are experimenting. He enjoys the binaural beat setting best. But those three settings are his favorites. I have much more work to do with him.

It did take three weeks of holding and screaming to get him to use the DAVID at first, now he asks for it at night if I'm behind in my schedule. And he loves it. Now we are hearing some speech. This last month Mike (previously non-verbal) has said 'Up, go, down, ready-set-go'. He makes those sounds consistently and appropriately. A major break-through! He is signing for 'all done' and 'candy'. I am so delighted! After being told for years put him in an institution because of the behavior problems, and how they would get worse, not better. I can finally tell those people they were wrong, and much more progress can be expected, the Paradise has opened some doors for Michael that otherwise may have remained closed. I just wanted to thank you, and let you know of our experience.

I never mentioned to anyone we were using the DAVID initially and his pre-school wrote in his notebook 'Big Change, what happened? Great eye contact and much more co-operation!' This was one month after using the DAVID. The effect was quick. Still have to use it every day to relax Michael. He asks for it by gesturing."