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Testimonial Brii Sebastian, LMHC, CPC, ABMPP, ABDA


Sep 20, 2021

"As a result of several concussions, it has been very difficult- and almost impossible- for me to correct my eyes-closed asymmetry frontally and temporally. I recently took a trip and used my DAVID asymmetry program almost daily. When I returned to doing neurofeedback after my trip, I was stunned to see my scores within normal range. As a way of testing my theory that the DAVID had corrected my asymmetry, I went without it for over a month and, sure enough, the neurofeedback results returned to their former imbalanced ratio, upon which I started using my DAVID asymmetry program daily again. One month later, my scores had returned to normal. I am grateful to finally be reaching self-regulation as a result."


We have had conversations with several clinicians about how they use AVE in their offices:

How Do You Use AVE in Your Office


Testimonial Katie Heid 


Feb 23, 2021

"I am a meditation, yoga, and neuroplasticity consultant who has used the DAVID Delight Pro with my clients and personally find it to be the most accessible and intuitive consumer grade device available. When used as a part of a holistic system, it can help improve cognition, sports performance, reduce anxiety and induce focus and calm."


Testimonial David Hastings Lloyd, R.Ac, R.TCMP


Dec 18, 2020

"I bought my DAVID Delight Pro back in 2014. I own a business, and as it comes with the territory, I have lots of stress. During 2014 and 2015, I regularly used my DAVID and downloads of Lloyd Glauberman's various HPP programs as suggested by the Mind Alive website.

My profits more than doubled that year, and I was happy doing it! I also wrote two books. This device really helped change my outlook on life. As is typical with many habits, my DAVID habit was replaced by other demands on my life, and it showed! More stress and less success. Then 2020 happened, so I decided to take myself seriously again. I started to use my DAVID Delight Pro and get my other habits organized to help me focus. Despite the insanity of this year, things are going pretty well.

On a final note, I got the GAMMA session upgrades, and all I can say is WOW! I literally walked around after my first session saying "WOW!" I'm guessing I was a little tense before starting, but 30 minutes later, a totally new perspective!

Thanks to the team at Mind Alive! You have a great product that I'm sure has helped countless people have better lives!


Testimonial from JoAnna Strong
July 24, 2020

"Recently I sent my Delight Pro to Mind Alive for an upgrade and not having it the past few weeks made me realize how important it is to my daily wellness. In 2004, I attended a conference to become a Neurotherapist and was introduced to the Mind Alive units by the instructor. I had no idea Audio-Visual Entrainment technology existed. The ability to manage mood, alertness, focus, sleep, etc. without the use of medication or caffeine opened a whole new world for me.

So I bought a unit & shared it with my son. He used it to “get in the zone” before his varsity tennis matches, to ace the SAT & to calm teenage angst.

Instead of relying on caffeine I used the Energize sessions to get me going in the morning. I have used almost all of the program options at one time or another these past 16 years. For example, public speaking is my greatest fear so I found an empty room before my presentation and did a quick “Relaxer” session to calm my anxiety. My presentation was a success! Currently I keep my Delight Pro on my nightstand. I fall asleep easily, but awaken between 3 - 4 a.m. unable to go back to sleep. The Delta session results in an additional 2 - 3 hours of sleep. This makes a big difference in the quality of my day.

Clearly, I love the Mind Alive products, but I also want to say how impressed I am with the company’s customer support. I received an email from Mind Alive that a free [gamma] upgrade to the software was available. Since I was sending a package anyway, I decided to include 3 older Mind Alive units that were malfunctioning for repair. Keep in mind I use my units daily so they do wear out. I was hoping they could repair my older units, but of course I expected to be charged. I received an email that the upgrade had been completed and 1 of the 3 old units had been repaired……at no charge. The other 2 were beyond repair. So I was delighted to have 1 of my old units functioning again and at no cost to me. Now that is great customer service! However, I should not have been surprised because this happened to me previously in 2008. I called Mind Alive after hours one evening to leave a message about repairing my unit and Dave answered the phone. I couldn’t believe I was speaking with the genius mind who developed these great products. He was very patient with me and told me where to send it for a repair. Imagine my surprise when I received my newly repaired unit at no charge. What a company! The employees work hard to make the customer happy.

I have a long history with Mind Alive—I have personally bought about 10 units over the years for my personal use and for my children. I have also introduced my Neurofeedback clients to its advantages. They appreciated the control they had over their brain function. There was no worry about side effects. I often heard from the parents of ADD/ADHD parents that they could hear their children playing in the middle of the night. The kids could not go to sleep because the stimulant medication was in their system and kept them awake. They had no way to “turn it off”. Mind Alive products can be used in the moment and as needed leaving no long term residual drugs in the system.

AVE products have improved the quality of my life and I remain a fan. The company, Mind Alive not only offers a high quality product, but also stands behind it. I purchased the original unit because I was impressed with its capabilities; I have purchased additional units through the years, because of the integrity of the company and the people who work there."


Testimonial from Rado Shterev
Feb 5, 2020

"I am really pleased to share with you that my vision how neurorehabilitation can be done with the help of Oasis Pro is becoming reality. We work with a professor-neurologist Plamen Bozhinov who is an expert in EEG, TMS and tDCS. He currently uses Oasis Pro plus a rehabilitation exercise program for a patient with severe motor disabilities after a car crash. Before the Oasis Pro was implemented for direct brain stimulation there were almost no gains from the exercises. After the Oasis Pro was included in the program the patient has made rapid progress. The father of the patient decided to buy an Oasis Pro to continue the rehabilitation program in their home! I am really happy that your tools are helping in such heavy conditions in so fundamental of a way!"


Roland Verment
5.0 out of 5 stars
Amazon Review
February 23, 2017

"The DAVID Delight Pro is by far the best machine in the industry. It gives me a perfect boost each morning."


Testimonial from Dr Maryna van der Berg, PhD
South Africa
May 24, 2017

"In 1988, at the age of 32, I was injured in a serious motorcar accident. I was in a coma for 42 days. I had broken three neck vertebrae, sustained major brain damage and the doctors believed that I would never be much more than a vegetable. Their prognosis was that I would never again be able to take care of myself needed to be placed in Weskoppies, a psychiatric hospital in Pretoria.

My stepmother intervened and managed to get me into another hospital. She asked individuals as well as international prayer groups to pray for my complete recovery. I started to make a miraculous, if slow, recovery. I have no recollection of this period in my life – my first memories after the accident are of myself learning to walk and write again about nine months after the accident. I spent the next two and a half years in physical and mental rehabilitation. In retrospect, I would say that it took me about seven years before I was a fully functional and fairly confident person again.

My whole life had changed and I suffered from severe depression. I visited the best neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists available to try cure my depression. The verdict was always the same: they would experiment with pills until they got the best to treat the symptoms. There was no cure. Every year the prescriptions just got lengthier and the drugs heavier. A pill for sleep, pills for mood control, pills to wake up and pills to kill the sadness.

In the end I realized that I was suffering from changes in character. Nobody could offer me any hope of total recovery. I tried alternative treatments such as acupuncture, hypnosis and herbal treatments – to no avail.

At 50 my husband and I retired and moved to the South Coast. I kept researching to find something to help myself. One day, a friend handed me a leaflet advertising John Broome’s Mind Power and an apparatus that stimulates the brain to form new neural pathways and to produce its own neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins. In desperation I phoned John Broome and ordered the apparatus and subliminal CDs. Three weeks later I went to Gauteng to take delivery. John explained the simple way the machine works and how to use the subliminal recordings.

This scientifically proven, cutting-edge technology introduced a new era in my life. For six weeks, on a daily basis, I did the 42 minute Alpha-to-Alpha/Beta session. In the beginning I needed a lot of support and encouragement from my husband, as I was still suffering from severe depression. From the fourth week, I could hardly wait for my daily sessions and after six weeks of daily sessions I was a different person. I reduced my medication under my doctor’s supervision.

For the first time in years I had energy, and my curiosity and sense of humour returned. Due to the subliminal recordings that I listened to daily, my confidence and motivation to have a meaningful life returned. Although I felt like a new person, my memory and concentration was still lacking. I then started treating myself daily using the John Broome SMR/Beta 24-minute program for another six weeks. I also continued using the subliminal music as support.

I decided to study further using correspondence courses. I enrolled for a Masters Degree with the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona, USA. My thesis was titled "Consciousness''. I continued with a PhD, and at the age of 55, I received my PhD from the University of Arizona. My doctoral thesis was titled "Meditation as Medication''. Today I am an ordained minister with International Metaphysical Ministries, a Pastoral Counseling Psychologist, an accredited Accelerated Learning Practitioner, an EFT Practitioner, and I practice various modalities of Energy Medicine. I believe without my brain machine and the subliminals this would never have been possible.

It is humbling to acknowledge the lives I have touched by using the DAVID LS systems. Over the years, I have treated severe cases of depression, ADD and ADHD successfully. I have also helped people suffering from chronic pain, hypertension, severe stress, sportspeople seeking better performance, as well as people suffering from migraines and sleep disorders.

As I write this testimony, I am suffused with intense gratitude – I am grateful to God for His grace, I am thankful to Dave Siever who has devoted his life to the development and perfection of a device that has such incredible potential, I am grateful to John Broome who is dedicated to improving the lives of people all over South Africa. I am intensely grateful that these remarkable people crossed my path and gave me back my life."


Testimonial from Jerry K., Ph.D.
April 19, 2017

"I really enjoy and use my Delight Pro a lot. You are remarkable to have developed such a marvelous device to its final stage. I can see those little tweaks you made to make it more user-friendly. The OCD paid off ;-).  I use it to sleep, awaken and sometimes as a break during that mid-afternoon doldrum to experience a bit of inspired mind surfing. I vary the programs greatly. My favorite music is by Tangerine Dream- Phaedra is my number 1 gateway. It's my release from the grip of neuropathy without a pill. So, thank you, Dave. I am so very grateful to you." 


Testimonial from Kristin Bowers, Kristin Bowers, LPC, NCC, BCN
Texas, US
August 31, 2016



Testimonial from Amy Hudson, Ph.D., LCDC, BCIA
Oklahoma, US
February 2, 2016

“The depth and breadth of Dave’s knowledge about AVE and CES, his passion for this work, his creativity and his commitment to customer service are unparalleled. I got a David Delight for personal use and have since "turned on" many friends. There are many vendors of brain enhancement technology out there, and it’s easy to get lost in the woods for those of us with limited understanding and experience. No worries….Mind Alive is the answer. This is solid, research-based, cutting edge technology and unwavering customer support. My experience with Dave was fantastic. I cannot say enough good about Mind Alive."


Testimonial from Kyle Ferroly
March 4, 2015

"I use Mind Alive products, both personally and professionally, at our center. Dave and his staff are amazing and knowledgeable in the field."


Testimonial from Patrick Young, M.Ed., M.S., LCPC, CADC
Maine, US
Dec 6, 2014

"Thank you so very much for your prompt and courteous service. In my opinion, you also went above and beyond in lining up all the shipping details, which I also greatly appreciate. (Many American businesses could certainly take a lesson regarding good service from your example!).

I just placed an order for an ALERT PRO and 2 sets of Tru-Vu glasses. The products are far superior to any other AVS device I have tried with the students in my school and the clients in my private counseling/neurostimulation practice. And as if that were not enough, I am about a one-third of the way through Mr. Siever’s neurostimulation online course and enjoying that very much."


Testimonial from Kate F.
California, USA

"I made an appointment with Dr. Saunders to receive help with bipolar depression and pain. I have struggled for over 15 years and have tried everything to find relief. Within just few months of receiving help from Dr. Saunders with TDCS and CES, my condition is in complete remission. I got my life back! I couldn't be more grateful! Dr. Saunders is one the most compassionate, positive, and insightful practitioners I have ever known. He has been a huge source of encouragement to me on my recovery journey. He has provided me with in depth knowledge, expertise, and coaching about brain training and the power of healing which has transformed my life. I feel confident to be able to use TDCS and CES for health on my own thanks to his help. I feel so grateful that Dr. Saunders believed in me. I feel completed liberated, strong, and empowered. I would highly recommend Dr. Saunders to anyone in need of healing and encouragement."


Testimonial From Mark Koharchick, PhD, LPC
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA
December 1, 2011

"The following is about my experience with the DAVID AVE instruments from my DAVID Paradise XL (purchased in 2002 and still in use), to the DAVID Delight Pro newly purchased, and few DAVID PAL 36s in the middle. Let me begin by stating my experience in biofeedback began in the mid 1980s using EMG for muscle tension. I learned about EEG and went through the training and, years later, was among the first group to become certified. I saw great benefit in biofeedback for a number of problems. I began using this to treat anxiety, depression, ADD, and most typical complaints presented to clinicians. Treatment went well for most patients. However, my biggest complaint with this treatment was the length of time it took to for a patient to receive some benefit. 

Then, by a stroke of luck, another clinician was telling me about AVE and had a DAVID Paradise XL. He specialized in ADHD and would tell me about the changes he noticed in his young patients with the AVE. I tried this “new gadget” and did not think it would amount to much of anything. Well, I was in for the surprise of my life. I felt some things that took me weeks or longer using biofeedback, were quickly resolved with the DAVID. I was hooked and had to have my unit. 

I began using DAVID AVE instruments in 2002, and continued with EEG Biofeedback as well. In my practice I noticed a much quicker response time for those with AVE. Patients seemed to enjoy this more than other treatments, and it was user friendly. I had witnessed such a dramatic success rate that I slowly decreased the usage of EEG and went completely with AVE. I found significant improvements in patients, especially those referred for chronic pain. It seemed to me that what I could typically have a patient experience in one AVE session would have taken about three weeks or more of training with biofeedback. But I do need to make one point perfectly clear. I am in no way putting down biofeedback. I am just commenting on my experience with the DAVID AVE units.

For the past seven years, I have been using AVE exclusively. I am employed at a hospital and am part of the pain management team. I have found that, in most cases, using a sub-delta .5-1 frequency has provided the greatest relief of pain for most patients. I have used AVE for treating tension headaches, Migraines, fibromyalgia, PTSD, stroke patients with paralysis (and actually had success in getting some feeling back to the effected areas), and other psychiatric and physical problems. I believe that there may be endless treatment considerations for AVE.

The reason I titled this, “I don’t believe it!” is due to the average comment a patient tells me, first of all when I explain what AVE is and how it will work, and then, after the first session when they feel the reduction in pain or the state of relaxation. I have also noticed, and have been recording, blood pressure readings before and after sessions. I have consistently noticed a reduction in blood pressure on about 85% of patients. Some patients have made incredible gains, enough so they were able to reduce or stop their medications whether it is for hypertension or pain.

The DAVID AVE products have proven to be exceptionally reliable and, if I have ever experienced a problem, I made a phone call, talked to Dave, or any of the friendly staff, and the problem was fixed. I can not express my amazement in the success of this treatment and my gratitude for producing an instrument that is of such high quality.

Dave, I thank you and my patients thank you."


Testimonial from Joy Kingsborough
Langley, BC, Canada
June 25, 2010

"I ordered the DAVID a little less than a year ago and have had profound results! I am a wellness facilitator, stillness/meditation instructor and personal development coach. My passion is helping individuals overcome depression and other mind-related limitations to live well. I have been working closely with one of my clients who is using the DAVID to overcome depression. After four months of use, she is ready to stop her depression medication completely!  She has transformed in a number of ways and is almost unrecognizable from the person she was a few months ago. I am a true believer in what this technology can do for humanity!"


Testimonial from Dr. Martha Grout
Arizona, USA
October 15, 2008

"We have used the Mind Alive audio-visual stimulation (AVE) devices with every patient who is enrolled in our BrainAdvantage program. This program is a form of neurotherapy which employs blood flow biofeedback to increase the blood supply to the frontal lobes, thereby increasing neural connectivity and improving brain function in all kinds of different conditions, from ADHD to depression and anxiety to traumatic brain injury. Audio-visual entrainment is an important part of the program. We find that it calms both hyperactive children and hyperanxious adults, so that they can then actually participate in the remainder of the 90-minute sessions. In fact, the AVE devices are often prescribed for our patients to take home with them, to help them deal with their severe anxiety and insomnia without having to use drugs. The patients often continue to use the equipment, even after their formal therapy has come to an end, as a non-medication means to help them deal with the every-day stresses of life which they previously found so overwhelming. For the depressed patient who is incapacitated with anxiety, the AVE device has been a godsend – successful in reducing anxiety beyond my wildest expectations. We use primarily the ALERT. Pharmaceuticals may calm anxiety, but at what cost? Brain fog, depression, loss of cognitive abilities are only a few of the side effects that people can experience. The Mind Alive AVE devices leave the pharmaceuticals groaning in the dust. Initially we included AVE because we thought that it would play a small role in some patients. Now we use it on every patient (except those with photic induced seizures) as a hugely significant part of the therapy."


Testimonial From Anne O'Loughlin, Hypnotherapist
Ashbourne, Co. Meath, IRELAND
February 8, 2005

"I am thrilled to have this amazing device. I use it twice daily myself and also use it on most of my clients! I regard it as a leading tool in transforming your life!"


Testimonial from Dr. John Carmichael
Kamloops, British Columbia, CANADA
April 16, 2004

"As you know, I am the approved and designated clinical psychologist to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in my part of British Columbia and have been so for almost twenty years now. Currently, over 80% of my private practice in clinical psychology is with police officers who most typically present with depression in which accumulated traumatic incidents have played a significant role, or with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or with both depression and PTSD. Additionally, it has been my experience that the officers I see have waited until the very last minute to call me so that by the time we meet the symptoms are very marked in both number and intensity and they have been on-going for some considerable time.

My diagnosis and treatment plan continues to be based on a careful assessment: a structured clinical interview which can include the Hamilton Depression Inventory and/or the Clinician Administered PTSD-Scale for DSM-IV; clinical psychophysiological measures including baseline arousal levels, reactivity to stressors, and recovery once stressors are terminated; administration of standardized psychological tests such as the Personality Assessment Inventory and the Trauma Symptom Inventory; and often an interview with the client's spouse–I am nothing if not thorough.

Until recently intervention has included a step-wise combination of psycho-education about the diagnosis, seeing a physician for medical examination and possible medication, relevant recommendations for client's to implement based on research in Health Psychology (for example, increasing aerobic exercise, decreasing the use of stimulants, and sleep hygiene), biofeedback-assisted training in relaxation/self-regulation (autonomic nervous system, relevant muscle systems, and EEG), and appropriate aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I continue to do all of the above.

However, since discovering your DAVID technology about 18 months ago, I now include audio-visual entrainment for all of my police clients with depression and/or PTSD once there is psychophysiological confirmation both that they have mastered diaphragmatic breathing, that they can establish an RSA pattern, and that the entrainment creates desirable changes.

When using the DAVID, generally, we begin with (and most often stay with) frequencies at 10 Hz (although sometimes down as low as 7.8 Hz). Some clients keep the unit for six months before returning it as they no longer have the symptoms they came with, others keep it indefinitely using it daily at first and months later only as symptoms reoccur, and still others continue to use it on a daily basis (two people have done so for 12 months now). Regardless, it is clear that well over 90% of my police clients find the DAVID helpful. Among the most common findings are:

  • A rapid decrease in both autonomic nervous system hyper-arousal/hyper-reactivity and muscle tension (I show clients the changes during their first session with DAVID in my office);
  • A longer and longer duration of these positive effects the more frequently they use the DAVID;
  • A rapid increase in mental calmness and corresponding decrease in "monkey mind" (thoughts all over the place);
  • Rapid improvements in sleep (reduced latency to sleep onset, decreased night waking, and increased sense of restfulness come morning) when they use it at regular bedtime and again if they wake during the night and are unable to fall back asleep within 15 minutes; and
  • What appears to be self-initiated changes in both behaviour and cognitions even before any formal introduction of cognitive behavioural therapy.

The positive effects noted above are even more remarkable to me given the suspicion levels typical of most police officers I see, the significant intensity of symptoms upon presentation, and how long symptoms have persisted. Moreover, as people of action, police officers are pleased to have something they can do to modify symptoms quickly on their own without having to talk at length with me about their childhood or mothers as they mistakenly expect we will be doing."


Testimonial from John Anderson, MA, LADC, BCIA
Minnesota Neurotherapy Institute
St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA
February 3, 2004

"I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate your products. I have personally used a DAVID since 1994; I recommend them to my clients and to people participating in my EEG Professional Certification Training programs through Stens Corporation.
My initial exposure to Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) was through a friend here in Minneapolis. He insisted I try it and, though I must admit to some resistance at first, I quickly found that is was profoundly beneficial. I decided at that time to use the DAVID on a daily or twice daily basis for a minimum of 6 months to develop a thorough, personal understanding of the effects of all the different entrainment sessions included with the device.
I found that my sleep improved and I became much steadier and more resilient in the face of the daily demands of my work. My wife also noticed the changes and encouraged me (strongly, I might add) to continue using the device. I have continued using it regularly since that time.
I should say here that I had previously used many other interventions, most with quite positive results. I experienced more than 100 sessions of EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback, more than 20 years of peripheral biofeedback self-training as part of my work as a biofeedback therapist and nearly 30 years of yoga and meditation practice. I feel I learned and grew from each of these experiences and yet when I began consistently using AVE, I found new levels of growth and development that had previously eluded me.
I would say that the changes I noticed most clearly from AVE were experiences of solidity, stability and balance. I believe that the introduction of such precise timing information into the central nervous system can have highly beneficial effects. I have observed these effects with my clients.
Approximately 95% of my clients use AVE during their work with me and most continue to use the DAVID after they complete neurofeedback training. Clients with migraine headaches find that using the DAVID can often abort a migraine already in progress. Clients with anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sleep disorders, chronic pain, ADHD and many other complaints find relief from using the DAVID. I find that instead of needing two neurofeedback sessions per week, clients can get the same results in one session per week if they are regularly using the DAVID at home between sessions.
I have also more recently begun to use the variable frequency OASIS cranial electrical stimulation (CES) device with a limited number of my clients after thoroughly testing it on myself and after an extensive evaluation of the relevant literature. In my limited experience with CES I have found that clients with addiction disorders report reduced cravings. I have also used it with a client with a severe traumatic brain injury and found that he experienced a significant reduction in mood swings, less angry outbursts, better physical balance and improved gait.
Probably the clearest example of my own enthusiasm for your products is that most of my immediate and extended family members own and use either AVE or CES or both for everything from insomnia to memory problems.
I am grateful for the work you have done and have no hesitation recommending your products to everyone who expresses an interest in better health, personal growth, optimum performance or just learning how to relax.
In addition, your contributions to the field of neurotherapy through your support of a variety of research efforts and through your own studies have been instrumental in advancing our understanding of this field of human endeavor. Your efforts in this respect are certainly unique in the field of entrainment equipment manufacturers. It is clear that what you do comes from your heart rather than from a desire for profit."


Testimonial from Dr. Ira Katz
Clinical Neuropsychologist
Soledad, California, USA
January 4, 2005

"I met you briefly last year at the Stens training. I was a healthy skeptic - yet went ahead and bought a thousand dollars worth of your products - the OASIS and the DAVID. In a few words -- worth every penny.

I have used the "Brain Brightening" session after meditating. I felt that the fog had lifted in my brain - more energetic, yet calm and relaxed. As you well said, Dave - "the edge was off..."
I thank you - my family thanks you. DAD is back."


Testimonial from Dr. Kenneth J. Vinton
Vinton Chiropractic Center, Inc.
Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA
June 19, 2003

"Hey name is Dr. Ken Vinton, and I am a 14-year veteran Doctor of Chiropractic, with 7 years of biofeedback and neurofeedback experience. I've taught doctors from 49 States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, Ireland and the U.K. As such, I am always looking for means of improving CNS function. The method of Chiropractic adjustments that I teach demonstrably improve system wide CNS function...generally producing an increase in alpha, warming of the hands, decrease in EDR, HR, and EMG, along with improved posture and bi-lateral weight scale distribution.
I began performing biofeedback first as an assessment tool to determine what my adjustments were doing...then went on into full scale biofeedback training with the BioIntegrator. However, I found a goodly number of folks who didn't wish to invest in themselves either the time or expense of appropriate biofeedback care...they would come frequently for their adjustment, but just didn't wish to "live consciously" or self-regulate. Herein laid my frustration...until I found the DAVID.
As soon as I had it out of the box, the next patient through the door was one that truly needed to "chill out" her CNS, but was unwilling to commit the time or energy to self-regulate. Knowing her EEG "patterns", I had her place the goggles and headphones on, I briefly explained what I was doing, turned on program #1, and waited...15 minutes later, she emerged with a sigh. I received a telephone call later that evening stating that she couldn't recall remembering when she felt so relaxed...and that she could feel the tension "draining" from her body.
The next client I used the DAVID with EEG hookups from the BioIntegrator...and watched as her brain waves centered in the 12-15 Hz range...exactly as the program said it would. She stated that she felt tension release from her body, and felt the mental fog lift.
The next woman was scheduled for her weekly biofeedback session, but was highly despondent and in tears over an incident at her work. Clearly we weren't going to get much done during her session, so I gave her the option of rescheduling...or, letting me try something new. Previously she had displayed on her EEG a significant amount of beta in the 20 to 40 Hz range. I chose session number 1 and 15 minutes later she was a different person. She too called the office to ask if we could do it again at her next appointment, stating that typically she would have been wound up all evening, not slept and been miserable. Instead she stated that when she left she felt calm and centered, and seemed to "glide" through the rest of her day. Amazing!"


Testimonial from Dr. Frederic Boersma

"It is important to note the difference between acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is usually associated with short-term pain, whereas chronic pain is long-term. Physicians often prescribe medication for acute pain, but this same medication can be detrimental in the management of chronic pain. That is why physicians often do not renew prescriptions for chronic pain patients.

When your body is experiencing pain it creates endorphins, a natural pain killer, to suppress your pain. The body's pain messengers compete with endorphins to the point where the more pain you experience the fewer the endorphins created. Thus, individuals who live with chronic pain usually have fewer endorphins in their body than normal people.
Pain medication suppresses the body's ability to manufacture endorphins so that when pain medication wears off there are few, if any endorphins left, which in turn results in increased pain messages from the body. This circular interactive effect is common in chronic pain patients who depend on medication to manage their discomfort. These people never seem to catch up and keep needing more and more medication to maintain a "normal" style of life.

Dependency on Demerol, Codeine, Percoidean, Morphine and other types of pain medications lead to addictive behaviours. These addictive behaviours are eventually reflected in family interaction which become enmeshed and dysfunctional. The point to remember is that when you do not depend on pain medications your body produces more endorphins, you have more control, and the quality of your life improves.

There are several ways to increase the output of endorphins in your body. One of the most effective is to use relaxation techniques which involve imagery research with the DAVID, in conjunction with supportive psychotherapy, has shown that chronic pain can indeed by controlled by using these procedures. This research indicates that regular use of the DAVID can result in greatly reduced dependency on medication and improvement in quality of rest, which in turn contributes to increased self-esteem, family stability, and reduced suicide ideation. And an overall improvement in the quality of one's life."