Multi-Color Eyeset

Multi-Color Eyeset
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Now you can have six extra colors in one eyeset! In addition to the standard white, you can now experience blue, cyan, green, yellow, red and magenta. You can also select separate colors for each visual field and random color selection.

  • Blue - Calming and relaxing
  • Cyan - Shown to reduce risk of seizure
  • Green - Effective for pain reduction and meditation
  • Yellow - Improve cognition and focus
  • Red - Increase physical arousal and energy
  • Magenta - Best for contemplative meditation and enhancing creativity

Over the last twenty years, we have observed that using the blue or a blue-green blend setting on the multi-color eyeset helps for inducing a good night's sleep and onset of sleep and deeper sleep. This was originally discovered in our 1992 pain study by Gagnon and Boersma. Since then, thousands of people have benefited from using blue or blue-green blends to improve their sleep. Use blue light on the left and green on the right.

Multicolor Explainer Video

  • Eyeset Carry Case
  • Eyeset Cable
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