You Can Golf Better!

By Mary-Anne Janewski

You Can Golf Better!

FORE! Are you teed off with your game? 

Disclaimer:  Our apologies to all golf widows/widowers - this blog will probably not help you to see your significant other anytime soon.  But when you do see them, they will be much happier about how well they golfed.

Can you make a terrific putt every time you are practising, but as soon as you are out to impress a co-worker, that ball keeps rolling by the elusive hole? Have you read books and taken lessons about how to improve your swing or where to position your hands and feet, but still aren’t where you want to be as a player? Make that shot calmly and successfully by training your brain for peak performance. Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) is an effective and safe technology that you can use while relaxing in your Lazyboy chair between games to help you reach peak performance.

What is AVE? AVE is a proven non-pharmaceutical approach to improving brain performance. AVE drives (see the golf reference?) your current brainwave state into the one that works best for you by playing tones through headphones and lights flashing at your closed eyelids when you start a thirty-minute session on an AVE device. Couple that with visualizing making that great putt while running your half-hour session. This will increase your ability to focus under pressure. AVE stimulates neurotransmitter production which means you will have more serotonin in your body.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that occurs naturally in our bodies and plays a role in influencing a variety of body and psychological functions.  A high level of serotonin is linked to superior task performance.

Want some tasty and fascinating clinical research to digest? Research conducted by the Shealy Institute (see footnote), indicates that 30 minutes of AVE stimulation with white lights increases serotonin levels by approximately 23%. This increases hopefulness, self-esteem, and the drive to win!  Let your opponent be the one experiencing anxiety about making that last stroke on the par 4 course while sitting at 4 strokes.

Of course (slipping in another golf reference!), getting a better night’s sleep before your big game will also help your mental focus. AVE Sleep sessions can guide your brainwave state to the desired delta brainwave activity for deep sound sleep. You’ll be able to turn off your thoughts and go to sleep instead of obsessing about the next day’s game.

Our AVE devices also provide Energize sessions that can boost your energy and sharpen your mind before practice or a round of golf.  AVE stimulates the production of endorphins, especially norepinephrine, which brings increased alertness, to get you in a game-ready state of mind.

Feel Better sessions (better known as Happy Face sessions) can remove thoughts of doubt, stress, and concerns about failure from your mind. These sessions help you dissociate from thoughts that can get in the way of peak performance. Negative thoughts actually reduce serotonin levels in the brain.  Match your mental performance with the passion you have for playing the game.

You can increase the positive effect of visualization by obtaining peak performance audio-tracks and syncing them with an AVE session.  A 3.5 mm audio/stereo patch-cord comes with all of our AVE devices and you can plug this into any 3.5 mm audio-in jack.

Use AVE to bridge the gap between your mental and physical abilities. Put all of those hours spent improving your swing or bettering your stance together with training your brain to a competitive edge and achieve peak performance.

You CAN golf better! Happy Golfing!

Shealy, N., Cady, R., Cox, R., Liss, S., Clossen, W., & Veehoff, D. (1989). A comparison of depths of relaxation produced by various techniques & neurotransmitters produced by brainwave entrainment. Shealy and Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Study done for Comprehensive Health Care, unpublished.

by Mary-Anne Janewski, B. Ed.

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