Welcome - Feb 3, 2010

By Dave Siever

Welcome - Feb 3, 2010

Mind Alive Blog by Dave Siever and Amanda Jackson

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Welcome to the Mind Alive blog. Your hosts are Dave Siever and Amanda Jackson. Dave Siever has been designing neuro-stimulators and biofeedback devices as far back as 1981. He was involved in temporo-mandibular dysfunction (TMD) research at the University of Alberta. He invented the first high-quality AVE device (the DAVID1) in 1984 to help Performing Arts students overcome stage fright.  He has been continually researching and developing BWE/AVE technology ever since.  Dave wrote "The Rediscovery of Audio-Visual Entrainment Technology", the first complete book on AVE back in 1989. Dave is a prominent researcher, author and lecturer on stimulation technologies and wellness in general. Amanda Jackson is a psychology student and the new education coordinator for Mind Alive Inc.

This blog is all about various stimulation technologies:

1) Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE): Also known as brainwave entrainment (BWE). Some people also use the term "mind machines" to refer to this technology. Using flashes of light and pulses of tones, AVE can safely and easily guide people into various brainwave states depending on the rate of stimulation.

2) Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES): By attaching small electrodes on the ear lobe(or behind the ear) and pulsing a small current, CES can help the brain produce endorphins. There are over 120 studies on CES, covering drug/alcohol rehabilitation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and mental performance. 

3) Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS):  By putting a small polarized DC current across the cranium, tDCS can enhance or reduce brain activity under the electrode.  Most people use it to enhance brain function, but sometimes it is used to inhibit brain activity for reducing seizures. There are over 75 studies on tDCS, most of them from the University in Gottingen, Germany, and some from Harvard Medical School.

In future blog posts, we will also be discussing nutrition, which also stimulates the brain in a chemical way. Many health challenges can be improved with a proper diet and healthier lifestyle. 

We are interested in promoting non-drug approaches to reducing the symptoms of psychological disorders and improving overall well-being. We will be sharing information and suggestions to help you feel great and keep your "mind alive".

Now, let's have some FUN!

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