Using AVE to Help Our Brains as We Age

By Mary-Anne Janewski

Using AVE to Help Our Brains as We Age
The Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) technology on the DAVID Delight device can help your brain be healthier as it ages. Every session, regardless of the frequencies used, improves cerebral blood flow by 28% plus stimulates beneficial neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and endorphins. That is helpful, as cerebral blood flow decreases with age causing cognitive decline. If you are a biohacking enthusiast or use human optimization techniques, AVE is an amazing technique to use along with other modalities as it has been shown to help people in a variety of ways to increase their well-being. Anxiety, depression, low mood, hypertension, aches, pain and discomfort, and sleep issues can all be improved by this technology.

There have been research studies completed using our devices that show AVE helps with better cognition, mood, memory, focus, concentration, and even balance. One device can be shared between family members with unlimited session use. We also have Extra-User kits so that two people can run the same session at the same time. The DAVID Delight can be operated using either an AC adapter that comes with the device or a 9 Volt battery. If you watch our 40-year anniversary video, you can watch the testimonial of a person that still uses one of our first-generation devices on a daily basis that she purchased 25 years ago. Our devices are built to last.

The sessions have been put into simple-to-use groups named Energize, Meditate, Brain Booster, Sleep, and Feeling Better. On the DAVID Delight there are two sessions in each of these groups. We recommend drinking an 8-ounce (500 ml) glass of water 15 - 20 minutes before a session to stay hydrated while running an AVE session. The raised icon buttons on the Delight are also easy to operate for people with arthritic fingers and challenged eyesight.

The Energize icon is a lightning bolt and these sessions can be used in the morning to stimulate your brain, give you more energy, and wake you up. They can replace drinking coffee if you are cutting down on caffeine.
The Meditate icon is a person in a lotus yoga position. We recommend using the Healthy Alpha Relaxer session 1 for the first session you try on your new device as it will help to produce healthy alpha waves. Most disorders have alpha brainwaves slowing. These sessions are very calming and relaxing. The Meditate sessions are a great way to easily reach meditative states. Schumann Resonance session 2 can be used for deeper meditation. These sessions can be used at any time of day.
The Brain Booster icon is a lightbulb. The Brain Booster sessions are used to improve focus, concentration, and memory so they are best to use upon waking up. SMR/Beta session 1 is great for students and seniors. We also have research that if a person has had a brain injury and there has been a thalamocortical disconnect, using this session will jumpstart that connection again. Read this research article to learn more. Alpha to SMR/Beta session 2 is more stimulating and particularly effective for teens and adults with ADHD.
The Sleep icon is a crescent moon with a star. The Sleep sessions help guide you from restless wakefulness into sleep. Paradise is for those with busy minds and tense bodies and helps to lower anxiety and reduce tension. Serenity is most effective for busy minds and relaxed bodies. Start with Paradise first and move to Serenity as needed. Use these right as you are going to sleep. To make using them more comfortable when lying down, you can use good quality stereo earbuds. You just need to make sure you put L on your left ear and R on your right ear so that you are receiving the correct frequency. Wrap the cable under your ear and then put all the cables and device beside or above your pillow. You may wake up enough to take your eyeset and headphones off or you may wake up in the morning with them still on. You can turn the device on and run an Energize, Brain Booster, or Feeling Better session. You can even set your alarm for half an hour before you normally get up and go back to sleep while the session is running and wake up to the benefits.
The Feeling Better icon is a happy face as these sessions settle down negative thoughts while boosting happiness. Mood Booster session 1 is best used in the morning but may be used at any time. Mood Booster with Meditation session 2 has a relaxing introduction to calm generalized anxiety.
Dave Siever has written a research article titled "Seniors: Getting Young Again by Boosting the Brain with Audio-Visual Entrainment" that explains the science behind how this easy-to-use technology works.

Here are some images that show what the studies have proven about AVE.

Figure 1: Tom Budzynski’s study done on 31 seniors in two seniors’ homes in Seattle using his own version of our Brain Brightening session. This shows the % of seniors who showed significant improvements in the measures shown using the DAVID. The biggest improvements were in spatial ability, resulting in fewer falls.
Figure 2:  Chris Palmquist’s study done with 42 seniors using our Brain Brightening session. She found that both delayed and working (immediate) memory were improved, whereas the controls did worse over time. She also found that the brainwaves sped up following treatment with the DAVID. This is very important as slower brainwaves are associated with cognitive decline and dementia.
Figure 3:  Kathy Berg’s study completed with 80 seniors in various seniors’ homes in Alberta, Canada, using our Mood Booster session. She found large reductions in depression in the DAVID group. All the seniors showed reduced depression.
Figure 4:  Kathy Berg’s study with 80 seniors in various seniors’ homes in Alberta, Canada, using our Mood Booster session. Kathy found that the seniors using the DAVID had improved balance and after 8-weeks were no longer at risk of falling.
Read some testimonials from seniors who have greatly benefited from using AVE.
We recommend keeping yourself in good shape mentally and physically now to keep enjoying a higher quality of life. Use AVE along with healthy eating, regular exercise, liquid Vitamin D, and the proper amount of sleep.

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