Using AVE for Academic Performance Interview with Krysta

By Mary-Anne Janewski

Using AVE for Academic Performance Interview with Krysta

I interviewed Krysta after she spoke on BlogTalkRadio about her experiences of using AVE (Audio-Visual Entrainment) during her university training and how it helped her achieve academic performance. In preparing for which questions to ask, I thought about what some of the challenges are that a typical college student today has to overcome. To achieve well, a student needs to have efficient study habits along with having both good attention and memory. Students also deal with balancing stress and having time for socializing with friends and family.

Q:  What kind of university training did you go through?

A: I originally enrolled at the University of Alberta in the Bachelor of Sciences program, majoring in chemistry. It didn't take me long to figure out I had no desire to become a chemist, and it was the arts elective classes that I seemed to enjoy the most. I took my first class in an intro linguistics course and fell in love! I ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in linguistics. During this time, I studied French, Spanish, and Russian, all at the same time. I loved language so much; I decided to pursue an education in speech-language pathology and enrolled in the U of A's Rehabilitation Science's masters' program in speech-pathology and audiology.

Q:  When did you first start using Audio-Visual Entrainment?

A: I started using AVE when I was about 6 years old. As a child, I seemed to have an anxious personality and I had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. I would stay awake for hours with my mind racing - unable to turn it off. I've been using AVE for over 20 years now.

Q:  How did the AVE make you feel after using it?

A: It is hard for me to remember how it first made me feel, since it was such a long time ago when I started. But I do remember that it provided significant help to me in sleeping. Before AVE, I would stay awake for hours. With AVE, I never managed to stay awake to the end of a single session!

Q:  What are the situations where you would find yourself using your AVE device?

A: I use the AVE anytime I feel stressed. Sometimes I use it to help me unwind after work, and sometimes I use it to help me unwind at the very end of the day. 

Q: Did you find it helpful to use the device to help prepare for exams?

A: Most definitely! The stress of long nights studying, and being cooped up in a dim library, would leave me exhausted but restless. To help reduce that anxiety, I used AVE the night before almost every single exam in high school and for most exams in university. It was an absolute asset during finals! 

Q:  Would you recommend using AVE to other students to help them sleep and perform better during post-secondary education?

A: I would recommend AVE to anyone, especially to students. AVE helps you to perform your best in any situation, and as a student, we are constantly being tested and expected to perform our best. AVE helps reduce anxiety, increase performance, and all around supports you to live the happiest and healthiest version of your life possible.

Click here to listen to the podcast of Krysta talking about using AVE on BlogTalkRadio.

by Mary-Anne Janewski, B. Ed -

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