Using AVE as a tool in holistic therapy Dec 15, 2010

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm a holistic therapist in the modality of Body Talk.  It's quite the system of magic healing, but it works otherwise I wouldn't decided to study it and share with friends, family and clients. Last week I used my DAVID Delight Plus on a client in the meditation 3 setting, which worked out really well for both of us. He was so relaxed the session went quickly and smoothly. Today I used it on an 8 year old boy. The first 20 min were amazing! Normally he's quite squirmy, but for the first 20 min he was completely relaxed and played with the eye set to get the perfect  combination of lights for himself :) He was quite happy, because normally I ask him a lot of questions, but this time I only asked two. These two clients generally have a lot of emotional release. This can be quite tricky because emotions don't always like to leave easily, but with the AVE it's substantially easier to get the body to let go. In both cases, because their brains were nicely prepared for healing work we got through a lot more stuff than usual. I definitely want more holistic practitioners to use AVE. I'm leading a small study to see if massage therapists notice a difference in the amount of work they have to do if their clients use it. It's made my work considerably easier.

by Sima Chowdhury - December 15, 2010

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