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Wednesday, July 27, 2011 

Can’t sleep? AVE can help if you suffer insomnia from the following causes:

1)  Tension and anxiety - Use the Depression session in the morning.  Depression Reduction Session Left Brain Beta/Right Brain Alpha (Delight, Delight Plus, Delight Pro – Mood Booster 1)

Depression is usually coupled with anxiety and is evident in those who have experienced either
childhood or adult trauma. They have a unique brainwave signature where there is more left frontal alpha than on the right side, leaving the “fearful” right brain in control. This session restores the left/right balance by reducing left-side alpha and increasing right-side alpha, thus restoring control to the logical left side and reducing depression and anxiety. Lay back, relax and enjoy the session.

2)  Mental chatter, relaxed body - Use an SMR session at bedtime. If that doesn’t help, then use this  suggested session: SMR for Sleep Session 14 Hz (Delight – Sleep 2; Delight Plus & Delight Pro – Sleep 4)

It is the sensori-motor rhythm that suppresses movement and feeling. It is not surprising that animals and humans produce a great deal of SMR activity within the motor strip during sleep, as SMR activity inhibits the ability to move much or to sleepwalk. Although surprising, research by Peter Hauri has shown the SMR brainwave training with neurofeedback dramatically improves sleep in people who have insomnia related to a racing/chattery mind and a relaxed body. This concept doesn’t seem logical, yet it works well. AVE using SMR appears to have the same effects.

3) Mental Chatter tense body - Extended Schumann Resonance Session 7.8 Hz
(Delight – Meditate 2; Delight Plus & Delight Pro – Sleep 1)

This session is based on the neurofeedback study by Peter Hauri. It has proven itself to be particularly useful helping insomniacs sleep (especially those who are physically tense and anxious or have “chattery” minds). It has helped those with imbalanced circadian rhythms, primarily people with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia syndrome, to get some sleep. The first 10 minutes incorporates dissociation to help dissolve mental chatter. This session may be used for an afternoon meditation. This session does not speed up at the end, allowing the user to wake up naturally.

Alpha/Theta Session Left Brain 6 Hz/Right Brain 10 Hz
(Delight Plus & Delight Pro – Sleep 3)

The alpha/theta session is also popular among those who have difficulty falling asleep. If you are tense and have a racy mind, consider using session as another to assist sleep. It may also be used as a deep afternoon session.

4) Pain - Use a delta session at bedtime. Meditate To Sleep Session 8 Hz down to 3 Hz
(Delight Plus & Delight Pro - Sleep 2)

This session combines the qualities of pre-sleep lucid meditation with delta. It is particularly useful for those people who are anxious and experience pain. Relaxation techniques such as progressive relaxation and autogenic training may be used, or the techniques may be combined with “Bioscan” biofeedback devices to assist in relaxation. The HPP (hypno-peripheral processing) hypnosis CDs compliment these sessions very well.

5) Environmental noise -  Use a Schumann Resonance, State Five Meditation, or theta session.

Hemistep sessions may work better. Select the “surf” or binaural beats to block out any background noise.Theta Hemistep Session 5.5 Hz (Delight – Sleep 1; Delight Plus & Delight Pro – Meditate 5)

Theta brainwaves occur at 5 to 7 Hz. Theta is the mind state most associated with REM sleep and marginal lucidity, just above sleep. We all slip into theta a few minutes before we fall asleep. Theta is very difficult to maintain, as most people will fall asleep while in theta. Avoid the use of theta with those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome or closed-head injuries.

6) Chronic Fatigue /Fibromyalgia - Use a Schumann Resonance, State Five Meditation, or theta session. Dissociative and Hemistep sessions may work better. Use a beta session upon waking in the morning to balance circadian rhythm. Delta Session 3.5 Hz (Delight Plus & Delight Pro - Sleep 5) 

This session proves to be very helpful in assisting with sleep for those with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, according to our fibromyalgia study from 1998. These sessions are useful for improving sleep, however, counseling and/or medical intervention may also be required.

Insomnia has many causes, and a list of these causes is shown below. Careful screening is required
in order to provide the best treatment.

- Tension and anxiety
- Mental chatter, relaxed body
- Mental chatter, tense body
- Depression
- Vitamin D deficiency
- Self-disrespect
- Alcohol abuse
- Environmental noise
- Pain
- Sleep Apnea
- Allergies
- Hypothyroidism
- Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia
- Out-of-control life situation

by Sima Chowdhury - July 27, 2011 

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