To Try or Not to Try Dec 8, 2011

By Mind Alive

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

With all of the side effects attached to drugs prescribed for everything from depression and sleep disorders to persistent headaches - it makes me wonder why people have a fear of holistic or alternative remedies. I am one of those skeptics who would rather ingest the unknown than try the unknown.  It took an abnormal amount of gumption to see my first naturalist.  Sure enough, the natural black cherry juice and black seed oil worked like a charm for my sinuses.  There was no pain, no side effects and I felt better within two days. 

Now here we have Mind Alive that can help with my sleep disorder, SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and headaches.  What does it take to wean me off the Motrin ?   Gumption, here I come.

by Sima Chowdhury - December 8, 2011

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