Testimonial on the DAVIDs for Treating ADD/ADHD May 8, 2012

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Dave and Nancy,

Active Healing, Inc. is a provider of neurological reorganization located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Active Healing’s primary focus is the use of developmentally appropriate functional movement to boost the function of subcortical and cortical brain stages. As the executive director it has been my mission over the last 16 years to innovate this program so the care we offer continues to be both wholistic and as efficacious as possible. For the past decade Mind Alive’s DAVID audio-visual entrainment devices have been one of the technologies I have relied on to help the patients under our care.  
Among the various populations of people I work with at Active Healing I see a large community of kids who have been traumatized and subsequently labeled with; fetal alcohol syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, reactive attachment disorder, anxiety and ADHD. Since many of these children go to extremes to maintain control I have parents who find it necessary to lock themselves into their own bedroom, alarm all interior doors in the house and lock up anything that could be used as a weapon. In these households, everyone is under tremendous stress and this is not an environment conducive to healing and recovery
The opportunity for these children to relax and let go of the overwhelming need to control everyone and every situation in their life is a huge part of their recovery process. When the brain is living in stress it restricts the ability of the child to heal.  All of the body’s resources are going towards survival. Of course, when this is protracted over years of time the impact on their mental and physical health is severe. Allowing a child to dissociate for several minutes every day and then rebalance allows them opportunity for their brain to rejuvenate.
Adding a DAVID audio-visual entrainment device to the therapy protocol for the child, the parents and any siblings can have profound positive impact. From the perspective of a program of neurological reorganization they become much more available to all the developmental stimulation we are using to organize their brains. They become much better at self-regulation, less violent, less impulsive and generally better able to function whether it is at home or at school.
From the parents we hear testimonials such as all are living on the fight/flight/freeze end of the continuum.  Kids are better able to transition and are more flexible in their thinking. In some cases kids with Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) make huge improvements in their depression.
While all the gains from using have been significant it has also been a pleasure to do business with everyone at Mind Alive. The entire staff makes themselves very available for any questions I may have and is generous with their time. Their commitment to improving the lives of countless people shines through with their customer service.

In health,
Sargent L. Goodchild Jr.
Executive Director

by Sargent L. Goodchild Jr. (Sima Chowdhury) - May 8, 2012

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