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Monday, August 1, 2011

Understandable, in addition to having better job prospects, good grades gives you more confidence to do well in other areas of your life outside of school.  While some stress can be good, too much of it increases chances of illness and can lead to burn outs.
Want to maximize your study time?

While grades matter, the valedictorian receives an award for not only good grades, but also having a well rounded lifestyle.  Learning how to maximize your studying can free up time to do sports or other creative projects.
Can’t remember her name? Errrr... I mean historical facts, yeah, yeah that’s it .....facts.
If you have a good memory, school becomes significantly easier because much of the curriculum revolves around memorizing facts and dates. Boosting your capacity to recall names, faces and places gets you noticed.

How can our technologies help?

1.      Our AVEs have a HRV (heart rate variability) setting to help you pace your breathing.  By taking deep breaths from your abdomen, you will feel more relaxed as you run an alpha session.  Alpha waves occur during sensorial rest (eg. when the eyes are closed), intellectual relaxation, deep relaxation, meditation or quietening of the mind.  A study from the University of Texas shows that use of AVE reduces worry in students and because of its convenience, students liked it better than the other options.

2.       Studies show that by using Beta waves, which are produced when you perform any task that requires you to concentrate, students can further increase concentration (about 1.5 times) compared to those not using the Beta/SMR program on the AVE.

by Sima Chowdhury - August 1, 2011

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