Power of prayer for a desperate parent :) Aug 17, 2011

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Parents with overactive children don't have many non-pharmaceutical options. This particular woman prayed for an answer and with some perseverance got the information she needed to help her son. 


Patricia, Mother from Cleveland, OH
February, 2002

My experience using the AVE machine has been excellent.  This was an answer to my prayer.  My son has always been a warrior from the time he was a newborn.  He was a colic baby until 8 months.  He was a very active toddler; always into mischief.  I decided to stay home with him at 3 years old due to all the complaints I was receiving at the daycare.  I was in denial.  I kept saying he will grow out of it, just give him a chance, or he’s a boy, all the excuses that a mother could think of. 
Well, kindergarten came along; there was no hiding him anymore.  Besides it was so difficult to even keep him sitting still for a short period of time.  I refused to put him on medication, so I was searching everywhere, thinking what I can do before he gets kicked out of school.  “I can’t keep hiding his behavior”.  I prayed non stop -- when you have a child like the one I had, you will become very religious.  To show you how God answered my prayers........
I was talking to a friend that lives in Atlanta, GA.  She was telling me about one of her daycare children.  A very overactive, non thinking, just do whatever comes to mind, shouting, jumping uncontrollably, running, not stopping to slow down.....The list goes on & on.  I instantly said that sounds like my kid.  She was trying to explain to me about the DAVID (AUDIO VISUAL ENTRAINMENT) machine, but because she didn’t have a need for it she really didn’t know the particulars.  All she kept saying, this is a totally different kid now.  I instantly went for a manhunt for the parent.  She had moved over a year ago to Seattle and no one had her new phone number or address.  I searched until I found the parent.  That was the beginning of my rainbow.
The parent explained to me about the program, how it helped her daughter( along with the 123 MAGIC), and how pleased she was.  Her last comments to me were “What do you have to lose, nothing is working for you now”.  She gave me a telephone number to A CHANCE TO GROW.  I ordered the machine along with the 123 MAGIC book & tape.  It took about 4 weeks for me to see results from the AVE machine  and about a week for the 123 MAGIC to work. 
I am very pleased with the program.  My son can sit still in a class now, not all over the place.  No shouting out in class; no more impulsive behavior.  Now, when I ask him a question he will answer; no more “I don’t know” answers, or “I forgot”.  His attention span is much longer.  He is able to learn; his grades are good. 
As far as the 123 MAGIC goes, all I have to do is wave my finger or simply say,”that’s one” and his behavior shapes up.  I even use it on my 3 year old. 
I have nothing but positive words to say about the AVE machine.  It ‘s an answer to a parent’s prayer that has an overactive child.  I only wish I had heard about the company before now, it could have saved me many headaches.  If it weren't for my friend hearing about this machine from a daycare parent, I’m sure by now my son would have been on medication, because the school would have put pressure on me to control him.  I wanted to correct this 6 year old male behavior, not cover it up with medication.  And your program has allowed me to achieve that goal.  I feel very confident about his future, thanks to the AVE machine.

by Sima Chowdhury - August 17, 2011

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