Making Dendrites from Sailing Apr 19, 2012

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dave & Nancy spent the lastt week sailing in the British Virgin Islands. Sailing provides an excellent way of making dendrites. Dendrites are the little “wires” that form in the brain every time we learn or experience something new. When it comes to making dendrites, it’s important to do a variety of activities. I do all kinds of things and I enjoy sailing because it boosts these important parts of my brain:

You get to make great quantities of vitamin D, which boost brain power and sharpness.

Balance - from having to run around on a rocking boat when setting sails, anchor, fender tie-lines, and so on.

Spatial – from tying ropes for various functions and eyeing up course routes over the water, particularly in channels.

Math – When working with charts, planning routes and plotting position while underway.

Technical – Something usually needs repair on a chartered boat. So it’s good to know electrical (I bring a meter) and mechanical to repair the heads, motor, pumps, rigging or anything else that might need attending to.

Diving - If diving (which I always do), you get a blend of math (tank pressures, depth & distances) spatial (try finding your boat from under water, and great visual stimulation from all the cool stuff on the reefs).

Social – When in very close quarters with another couple or two, it can be challenging drumming up way ways to keep everyone with smiles on their face, and bragging to their friends about their awesome adventure when they get home.

by Sima Chowdhury - April 19, 2012

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