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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Karen Wallace attended the 2 day training held at Mind Alive a few weeks ago. She graciously volunteered her time to fill out a quick survey, so we could better understand how she felt Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) would benefit her practice. We had a special interest in her story, because she is involved in Art Therapy, rather than traditional psychology. You can find more information about her on her website.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your practice? 
I am an Art Therapist, artist, Focusing Trainer, and art instructor living and working in Regina SK. Canada. I have a private practice with adults and children and specializing in trauma. I facilitate art therapy, creativity and art groups. I teach at the University of Regina in the Education department, and I give workshops and lectures internationally.

How did you decide that AVE would be a good complement?
 I work with many children and adults who have PTSD, ADHD, ADD, Autism and other mental and emotional struggles. I use EMDR and after reading a bit about AVE I was interested in finding out if it could be helpful for me in my practice.

Do you use AVE or CES on for your clients? If not do you plan to?
 I have just started to learn how to work with AVE, so I am using it myself first and with one other person. I most certainly plan to plan it with clients when I feel confident to do so.

What do you think the strengths are of AVE in regards to helping your clients?
 I think it will be useful to many clients for relaxation and helpful to lower trauma symptoms.

What do you think the weaknesses of AVE are?
 It is too early for me to say. I plan to use it with talk therapy and Expressive Art Therapy. I see it as another tool that hopefully will fit in well with what I am now doing.

Do you use AVE or CES on yourself?
 Yes, I really want to use it first, maybe I use it with others.

How did you find out about Mind Alive products?
 Through reading about it in Healthy Horizons.

Have you used our products before attending the June training in Edmonton?

Do you have a favorite product and why?
 Not yet, I bought the David Delight.

Would you recommend Mind Alive products to your clients or other practitioners?
 So far I am very impressed, but I am still new to working this way.

What motivated you to take the two day training?
 I wanted to know more about the products.

Did the training help you understand how AVE can help you better serve your clients?
 I wanted more hands on learning and help with to use AVE with different clients. I felt there was too much focus on the Powerpoint presentation. David is very passionate and knowledgeable about his work and it showed.

Would you recommend the training to others

by Sima Chowdhury - July 6, 2011

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