Guest Post by Dr. Jose Milton Lopes

By Mary-Anne Janewski

Guest Post by Dr. Jose Milton Lopes
José Milton Lopes
Psicólogo Clinico e Neuroterapeuta
Registered under CRP 15/4964

I am a Brazilian Psychologist and I use various neurotherapy resources in my clinical practice such as psychotherapy, and neurotherapy with biofeedback, neurofeedback, and sensory stimulation with AVS, CES, or TDCS.

I have a DAVID ALERT Pro and I use audio and light stimulation combined with cranio-electro stimulation (CES). A treatment procedure I follow 100% of the time is the use of stimulation with audio and light for 20 minutes, both at the beginning of the sessions and before any other procedure. In this way, I have obtained excellent results in the most diverse clinical demands, such as anxiety, depression, outbursts of anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, memory, focus, attention, mental fatigue in the elderly, headaches, and sleep problems.

I have come across some very interesting cases such as drug-refractory depression, mental fatigue, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, memory failure in an elderly person with Parkinson's disease, improved gait, and reduced vascular dementia.

Today I have a strong conviction that sensory stimulation with AVS + CES helps to potentiate my clinical practice, allowing me results with shorter deadlines.

Here are two interesting cases in my own family, where I only used stimulation with DAVID ALERT Pro.

Clinical case 1

My father, who is 83 years old, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago. In addition to pharmacotherapy, I use AVS stimulation and CES stimulation, to improve the night sleep, reasoning, memory, reduce mental fatigue, and to improve the level of alertness during the day, but there was also a reduction in tremors and balance and autonomy.

For this I use DAVID Alert Pro:

Whole Brain Group 4: Protocol 3 - ADHD and Learning.

Extra Sessions group: Protocol 2 or 3 - SMR Reading Program.

He once told me that he couldn't remember what he read anymore, so I did a short-term memory span test with the corsi cube. He made 100% mistakes with 4-digit span, and after a 20-minute stimulation with gamma waves, I redid the test with a new series where there was an initial increase of 40%, in the following sessions it continued to increase. I used only AVS, and I was surprised by the quick results in few sessions. Nowadays, I only stimulate him every 7 days on Sundays when I go to visit.

Clinical case 2

My mother, who is 80 years old, with drug-refractory depression, was taking citalopram, and had a lot of headaches, leg pain, and talked about illness all the time. I used the mood protocol, AVS stimulation, and CES two times a week. I ran 18 sessions on her, always keeping her in a state of alertness by talking to her. The result: the headaches disappeared, she stopped talking about diseases, and her mood improved. Today I do stimulation every 7 days and no other procedure.

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