Guest Blog - Improving Sports Performance in Young Athletes

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Guest Blog - Improving Sports Performance in Young Athletes

For most parents, having their kids involved in sports is a way to keep them busy, in shape and socially active. The truth is that sports do much more than that in a kid’s life. It helps to organize the brain, develop body strength, coordination and emotional endurance as well.

Some kids dream about becoming the next star in their sport.  Others just do it for fun or because it is required in school.  For the first group of kids, it is very important to be the best on the team. They just want to do everything perfect so they put all their energy, time and commitment into doing their best and succeed in their sports. Such enthusiasm has to be accompanied by good physical training, good visual performance training along with mental and emotional training to support the kids in all areas that will make the difference in their performance.

As a sport vision optometrist, I train athletes' vision to help them achieve their goal in sports. The use of technological instruments is very important to train the eyes and the vision in athletes.  Technology is also very useful to help athletes reduce stress, improve concentration and do activation before performance.  As part of my visual performance training, I use the DAVID devices to improve visual concentration, peripheral awareness, reduce stress, improve reaction time among other visual skills that are essential in sports performance.

Another wonderful instrument that I use with my young athletes is the OASIS Pro with tCDs; I use it to improve motor skills among other skills.  After a few applications, the gross and fine motor skills are improved.  The parents and the coaches start noticing how the athletes improve their performance after completing a full visual performance training combined with AVE and tCDs techniques as part of a specialized visual training.

If you would like more information about these trainings in Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic, please contact Jovanny Ulloa, OD and Dr. Rosa Hechavarria at the Brain & Vision office.

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