Celebrating 20 years with the BBB!

By Mind Alive

Apr 29th, 2015

Dave and Nancy Siever have been operating their company, Mind Alive Inc., since 1981 and are now celebrating a 20 year relationship with the BBB. They design, manufacture and sell brainwave entrainment devices worldwide. I interviewed them about how they felt this has been a beneficial situation for them.

What does the BBB do?

BBB (Better Business Bureau) handles many kinds of complaints. The complaints cover all aspects of business:

Guarantee / Warranty Issues Billing
Advertising Problems with Product
Sales Issues Service/Delivery Issues


So the BBB doesn’t deal with just product issues, but how we respond to our customers with warranty situations or delivery after sales. Any customer can be confident that we will be here for them after the sale. We are still supporting customers with products they bought from us years ago.

How long have you been members?

Proud to say 20 years with no complaints!

What is your rating and what does that mean to Mind Alive?

We have been given an A+ rating! I feel this gives our potential customers confidence to know they can trust us. I had an experience the other day which people would have when they go to our website. I was asked to buy something for someone on a website. I went to the website, but was unfamiliar with the company and not sure if I should buy anything and was planning to leave and then I noticed their BBB logo and that they had been with the BBB for 15 years. I immediately became more comfortable and made my purchase as I felt I could trust that company.

Why did we decide to become members?

Twenty years ago, brainwave entrainment technology was quite new and we wanted to show our customers that we stood behind our products along with offering extraordinary customer service along with after sale service. We were selling internationally and we felt that this was a very effective way to show potential customers that we were a credible and trustworthy company.

What do you think the benefits of being a member are?

We are able to put the BBB logo on the home page of our website which also shows our A+ rating. When people are unfamiliar with our company or product, they can click on the logo and it takes them right to the Better Business Bureau page about Mind Alive Inc. This gives them the knowledge that our company is credible. Our products are new to some people, so it lets customers know our company can be trusted.

Written by Mary-Anne Janewski,  B.Ed.

by Mary-Anne Janewski, B. Ed. - 

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