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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Olympic Medallist Uses DAVID Delight Pro to Battle Eating Disorder

Catherine Garceau won the Bronze Olympic Medal, in swimming in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Unfortunately, she developed an eating disorder following the aftermath of her Olympic career.

She recently began using the Delight Pro to help her with her anxiety and eating compulsions. Here's what she had to say:

Using the David Delight Pro was quite the unexpected calming and transformational experience for me. In my quest to heal from emotional eating and depression, I rarely found a modality that produced such obvious results, and in so little time. Just 5 days of using the device on different settings (calming at night and energizing and focusing in early day), the positive difference I felt and acted upon was stunning! 

Over the years, I've addressed many of the interwoven physical, emotional, and spiritual causes for my disordered eating. Yet, still I continued to experience times where overeating and sadness emerged in ways I could not understand or come to peace with. The David Delight Pro way of balancing my mind help release this tension and create a foundation of ease from which to go about my day. In addition to watching my eating experience naturally normalize even more, I quickly felt more focused and organized, which definitely has increased my overall sense of ease and confidence. 
Having studied the body/mind connection to food, emotions, and life for many years, it's no surprise to me that a technology focused on balancing brain waves would have a tremendous impact on anyone using it in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle of eating well, exercising, and pursuing a life that inspires the soul.
I am very excited to keep using the David Delight Pro -- as an easy to use tool to increase my brain's ability to shift through different brain wave states, deepen my meditation practice, gain stress reduction, increased resilience, and fuel my growing dynamic health.

Thank you to Dave and the team at Mind Alive.  I am excited to recommend the David Delight Pro to all women who like me, desire and deserve to be free from food compulsions and emotional eating.  In hindsight of how I could have benefited during my athletic career, every serious athlete should use this technology. For all the mentions above and to increase visualization and precision in performance, quite a mental edge to add to any game!

Wishing great health and well-being for all,

Catherine Garceau
Olympic Bronze Medalist - Sydney 2000
Author of Swimming Out of Water

by Catherine Garceau (Sima Chowdhury) - May 8, 2012

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