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Friday, June 8, 2012

Dave Siever, President of Mind Alive Inc.

Last weekend, Mind Alive Inc. had the pleasure of hosting several honored guests from across Canada, some travelling from as far as Nova Scotia, to attend our two-day seminar on Neurophysiology & Stimulation Technologies.  Some of the topics included neurobiology & disorders of the mind, heart rate & meditation, EEG & QEEG interpretation, brain mapping, cognition and behavior.  Our guests got the opportunity to test-drive the Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), Cranio-electro Stimulation (CES), and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) equipment for themselves and learn about the various applications of the devices in the treatment of an ever-increasing array of mental and physiological disorders.

During this highly “stimulating” weekend, our guests were also fortunate enough to watch a special presentation by Canadian Olympic bronze-medalist Catherine Garceau, author of the book "Swimming Out of Water", which is available now on Amazon.com.  During her presentation, Catherine shared the emotional story of her struggle with anxiety & eating disorder.  Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) is now a part of her Emotional Awareness Training (EAT360) program which she created to help free women from emotional eating, and other disordered eating patterns. www.CatherineGarceau.com

As a student of psychology, I was completely inspired by the training course.  In only two days here, I think I may have learned more about the physiology of the human brain than I ever managed to acquire during my years at university!  Dave gave us a guided tour of some of the research and literature on the subject of brainwave entrainment and stimulation technologies, and the results look very promising.  

Me and my DAVID Delight Pro 
Improving my reading speed & mental alertness

I find it so inspiring that these devices could be capable of treating so many diverse mental disorders, and all without side-effects, such as those often seen with pharmaceutical treatments.  Mind Alive Inc. is currently in the process of making this research available to the public through our new and improved website, and it will be my goal over the next few weeks to summarize the majority of those studies, essentially translating them into a more accessible reader-friendly language for those of us who may not have the desire or ability to sift through such highly technical scientific literature.
An edited version of the lecture series will soon be available for purchase online for our international customers, and those who are unable to travel to our in-house training events.  

Marissa M. Lindroth, B.A.

by Marissa Lindroth - June 8, 2012

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