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Monday, May 3, 2010

AVE Sessions

At Mind Alive, we are often asked about what sessions people should be using for different symptoms, or what time of day they should be running with which session, etc. Sometimes the most important step is finding the session that works for you, because running the wrong session can mean little to no improvement. For example, I used to run beta (energizing) sessions in the morning, and I found it made me anxious. By switching to alpha sessions, I noticed immediate improvement in my headaches, and I felt calmer and more relaxed.

The basic thing to know is that we have four different brainwaves. Beta waves are produced when we are focused and alert. People who are anxious or who have insomnia often produce an abundance of these waves. Alpha waves are produced when we are very relaxed. Individuals with ADD, depression, fibromylgia and chronic pain syndrome often produce too many of these brainwaves. Theta waves are even slower, often produced in those with ADHD and while we are in light sleep, and delta waves are produced when we are in a deep sleep.

By understanding this, it is easier to decide what session to use. Individuals who are producing too many alpha waves benefit most from beta sessions (or specific sessions, such as ADD sessions or the depression protocol). Alpha, theta and delta sessions may worsen their symptoms, as they slow their brainwaves even more. Individuals producing too many beta waves benefit most from the “slower” sessions, including alpha, delta and theta. 

Otherwise, for those of you who are just running sessions to improve your general well-being, it is easy to use your DELIGHT symbols. Run the sleep sessions at night and/or the alert/energizing sessions in the morning for a cognitive boost. Run the mood booster when you’re feeling down, or the meditate session when you’re looking to relax. 

We’ve gathered session suggestions for many types of problems and you can always call our office at 800-661-6463 for help. We will continue to blog about which sessions are best for certain symptoms.

by Dave Siever - May 3, 2010

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