Year in Review - Best Posts of 2017

By Mind Alive

Year in Review - Best Posts of 2017

We wanted to highlight our Facebook and Twitter posts from 2017 that people found most interesting.  So please enjoy whether this is the first time you have seen them or if a repeat!

December 28, 2016 FB Post:

We just had to include Santa Dave riding home from work!

January 16th Top FB Post: 

On Blue Monday

January Top Tweet:

You can see the video of Dave riding his bike through the Tim Horton's drive-through at this link:

February 17th Top FB Post:

More Friday Fun! Increase dopamine in your brain by listening to music or creating something:

February Top Tweet

Top Tweet

Book Giveaway! In "The Thyroid Connection" by @AmyMyersMD, she talks stress relief including AVE. Send email to to enter. 

March 2 Top FB Post:

This month finds the same post the most popular on both Facebook and Twitter!

Here is our latest winner of "The Thyroid Connection" Book giveaway! Did you know you can use viewhole eyesets with SMR for relaxed attention or reading session while working at your computer or reading to improve comprehension?

March Top Tweet:

This month finds the same post the most popular on both Facebook and Twitter.

Here is our latest winner of The Thyroid Connection Book by @AmyMyersMD Info about viewhole eyesets:


April 11th Top FB Post:

April Top Tweet:

Top Tweet

Thanks for the "Likes" last week! #mindalive #ThankYou

May 11th  Top FB Post

May Top Tweet:

June 27th Top FB Post:

June Top Tweet:

Top media Tweet 

Book #giveaway "The Thyroid Connection" by @AmyMyersMD Email to enter. Winner will be announced July 10th, 2017.

July 27 Top FB Post:

From Dave Siever: I agree that avoiding a head injury is the best thing to avoid concussion. However, that being said, our work with concussion suggests that concussions aren’t caused so much by the head injury, but rather by the inflammation fever that follows the concussion. This is why concussions don’t generally show up on an MRI. During the fever/inflammation stage, billions of neurons get taken “off line.” This shuts down the thalamocortical loops throughout the brain and a few things happen: the person can no longer make alpha waves and therefore develops anxiety and insomnia. With impaired sleep, the brain’s waste disposal system (the glymphatic system) shuts down (as it is mostly only active during sleep) and then the brain builds up with amyloid protein deposits, which eventually turns into CTE. Also, glia activates via changes in calcium and because these loops aren't firing anymore, the glia are no longer receiving their calcium signals and quit maintaining the brain. A similar pattern precedes Alzheimer’s as well – and it can also be caused from a fever during a viral infection. So far, all of our work using Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) to treat concussion shows the thalamocortical loops re-establish in 15 - 20 minutes in most cases. If football players use AVE throughout their career, I suspect that they would be much more resilient to concussion and CTE.

July Top Tweet:

August 14th Top FB Post

August Top Tweet:

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#TipTuesday! #Meditation has regained popularity recently. Try one of these AVE sessions to help get you where you want to go. #mindalive

September 28th – Top FB Post:

September Top Tweet:

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Thanks for the likes this week! Have a great weekend :)   #mindalive

October 17th Top FB Post:

October Top Tweet:

Top Tweet

Interesting article re #concussion study. SMR/Beta AVE re-establishes thalamocortical loops in 15-20 mins most cases…

November 6th FB Post

This came in as a very close second, so I wanted to include it also!

November Top Tweet:

December 5th Top FB Post:

December Top Tweet:

Top Tweet 

Why is sleep so important? Studies show that insufficient #sleep has been connected with #depression, cognitive decline, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, plus more. Both AVE and CES help improve your sleep.… #insomnia #mindalive

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