Most Popular Social Media Posts of 2021

By Mary-Anne Janewski

Most Popular Social Media Posts of 2021

Sharing our Greatest Hits from 2021!

This year was a special year for our company as we celebrated our 40th Anniversary in September! We put together a video celebration.

We also updated our headphones to folding ones with our logo on the earphones.

We would like to share our most popular posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages in 2021. So please enjoy whether this is the first time seeing the post or a review!

Most often, we post about the technologies that we use in our work – Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES), transcranial DC Stimulation (tDCS) and Microcurrent Electrotherapy (MET), but we also like to share interesting articles we come across about the brain, mental health, how physical fitness helps keep our brains young, etc.

January Top FB Post:

It has been several years since this client was referred to Mind Alive to get a brain map and see if he could get help to change his life. He had a severe childhood traumatic brain injury, and his brain was still being affected by the thalamocortical disconnect that often occurs during a brain injury. Once he started using SMR/Beta Audio-Visual Entrainment to get his brain working at the correct frequency, he started experiencing a much better quality of life. He shared this photo with us recently to show that he is still enjoying a good quality of life. His case study is in this article and in this video.

January Top Tweet: 

February Top FB post:

We won another award! 🎉

 February Top Tweet:

March Top FB Post:

 #WebinarWednesday Have you ever watched this webinar about tDCS presented by Dave Siever?

March Top Tweet:

April Top FB Post:


April Top Tweet:

 May Top FB Post:

We decided to share some images from a Star Wars book by Disney written about mindfulness meditation for May the 4th and share the link to our free breath pacer app. This became our most popular post this month on Facebook.

May the 4th be with you! Master mindful living in a chaotic galaxy with our free DAVID Breathe Windows 10 PC App #MayThe4thBeWithYou #Mindfulness #MindAlive Mind Alive Inc - DAVID Breathe – Mind Alive Inc.

May Top Tweet:

June Top FB Post:

From children in car seats to adults in their 90s, Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) offers many benefits for all ages. In our research we have found these areas are improved with AVE: anxiety, depression, sleep, SAD, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, academic, business, and peak sports performance along with seniors’ issues such as gait, balance, falling, memory, and cognition.

June Top Tweet:

July Top FB Post: 

AVE can produce situationally-appropriate brainwave frequencies through the process of entrainment (the tendency of physiological processes to mirror environmental stimuli).

Mind Alive Inc - Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) – Mind Alive Inc.


July Top Tweet:

August Top FB Post:

"When we saw Pigeon Lake Music Festival #plmf was happening near our new home, we decided to become bronze sponsors. We had a great weekend enjoying the music, people, and atmosphere!" ~ Dave and Nancy

August Top Tweet:

September Top FB Post: 

Mind Alive Inc. is celebrating 40 years!

September Top Tweet:

October Top FB Post:

Sharing this study about using green light for migraines and headaches:

You can set both the left and right fields to green on our multicolor eyesets:
October Top Tweet: 

November Top FB Post:

The LED lights in our Tru-Vu eyesets can make some interesting patterns and colors, but nothing like Mother Nature's light show here in Edmonton last night! Photo credit: Nancy Siever

November Top Tweet:

December Top FB Post:

We are pleased to share that Mind Alive Inc. was officially awarded "Most Innovative AVE & CES Tech Manufacturer 2021" during this years' North America Business Elite Awards by New World Report.


December Top Tweet:

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and keep your mind alive and dancing in your dendrites!


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