Year in Review - 2016

By Mind Alive

December 31st, 2015 - Top Facebook Post:

We rang in the New Year with Dave and Nancy wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

January 14th – Top Facebook Post:

Mind Alive hosted an information session about Stimulation Technologies with the “Your Holistic Earth Inc.” group that we belong to. This slide has a graph showing how CES gives people much better results than taking pills for managing anxiety and depression.

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February 11th - Top Facebook Post:

Thursday Thoughts!

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Audio-Visual Entrainment helps with #PTSD

Article about how AVE helps with PTSD:


March 15th  - Top Facebook Post:

People are enjoying Dave's video of "Dancing in My Dendrites". We recorded a song that Dave wrote and used it during Brain Awareness Week.  If you haven't seen it yet,

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April 11th - Top Facebook Post:

Mental Health Monday! Excerpt: This remarkable research opens up the possibility that group drumming may produce positive psychospiritual changes that, in comparison to conventional treatment with psychiatric medications like Prozac, support side-effect free improvement in parameters beyond symptom suppression.

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May 18th  -  Top Facebook Post:

We presented our Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) explainer video:

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June 17th - Top Facebook Post:

Interesting article!

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#WellnessWednesday! Get digging in your #garden to help reduce… #gardening #mindalive#wellness

July 27th     - Top Facebook Post:

Wellness Wednesday! This article is about a study showing that poor balance may signal elevated dementia risk. We have completed clinical research on our Audio-Visual Entrainment devices with seniors and the heartening results of those studies can be found in this research article:

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August 5th - Top Facebook Post:

Friday Fun!! Keep your "mind alive" like Steve Martin! Stimulation Technologies can help boost your brain performance in a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical manner:

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September 23rd  - Top Facebook Post:

Thank you to everyone who entered our Jacket Giveaway this week! It was fun reading all the different guesses about where he was in the photo. Here is Dave doing a "blind" draw using the DAVID SMART and Tru-Vu Omniscreen eyeset. So the correct answer was "Chihuly Garden and Glass" which is an exhibit in the Seattle Center. Congratulations to the winner Norwood Creech! 

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October 27th  - Top Facebook Post:

Thursday Thoughts! Do what you love plus manage low mood by using Audio-Visual Entrainment. Learn more at

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November 17th  - Top Facebook Post:

Thursday Testimonial!

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December 12th - Top Facebook Post:

December Top Tweet:

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017!

Dave, Nancy and the Mind Alive Team 


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