New Mind Webinar July 6, 2016

Dave was a guest speaker for New Mind Center at a Lunch & Learn Special Speaker Series on Jul 6, 2016 and presented: "The Physiology of Diffuse Axonal Injuries and their Treatment with Dual-Frequency AVE."
Diffuse axonal brain injuries (DAI) are the most common type of traumatic brain injury there is. DAIs occur from sports, motor-vehicle accidents, falls and anything that excessively shakes the head. The damage occurs between the neurons and the thalamus resulting in a loss of alpha rhythm, which is generated by this cortical-thalamic loop. Once the thalamic sync-pulse is lost, neurons fire randomly at 1-3 Hz, thus showing dramatic delta phase anomalies on a QEEG. Most DAIs are not detectible on an MRI and because of this, the term "Injury" might be better expressed as "Interruption" because dual-frequency AVE can kick-start the cortical-thalamic loop and an alpha rhythm suddenly occurs along with immediate gains in cognition and affect. The enigma surrounding this is that it is not alpha AVE which reinstates the alpha. The physiology of a DAI will be explained and case studies will be presented showing pre and post AVE treatment.

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