Welcome to the Spectrum™ eyeset! The only eyeset to feature millions of colors to choose from along with split-field technology.

Plug and play! Just plug the Spectrum™ eyeset into a USB port on your work or home computer and use with DAVID Live or DAVID Breathe. These Windows-based apps allow the Spectrum™ eyesets to be manually controlled from any Windows PC

Because of the impressive full control features of the Spectrum™ eyesets, the therapist can create and engage in an optimal experience for the client. The DAVID Live app in combination with the Spectrum™ eyesets is perfect for a clinician practicing neurofeedback, talk therapy, hypnosis, or brain stimulation where the therapist requires control. The clinician has full control over dual-frequencies, intensities, and color. The client also has self-guided light intensity control using two buttons located on the Spectrum™ eyeset screen, which can also be disabled by the therapist. 

Because Spectrum™ may be controlled from a multi-port hub, a therapist can set up several Spectrum™ eyesets in a room for group sessions. The therapist will have individual control over each Spectrum™ eyeset when using as a group with a master control. The Spectrum™ eyesets utilize high-contrast field stimulation to optimize the optic chiasm for hemispheric stimulation.



Features of the Spectrum™ eyeset are:

1) Millions of colors per set of fields.

2) Colors may be calibrated on an individual LED basis for precision color work.

3) High contrast between fields.

4) Can flicker at various waveforms such as sine, classic, and near-square waves.

5) High-frequency stimulation up to 50 Hz (in the gamma band).

6) Therapist control using DAVID Live.

7) Self-guided Heart Rate Variability (HRV) breathing and deep relaxation using the DAVID Breathe app available from the Microsoft Store. 

Using DAVID Breathe paces one's breathing to achieve a heightened level of relaxation through timed breathing and Heart Rate Variability (HRV). 

Heart Rate Variability is an emerging therapy used to achieve meditation through scientifically guided breathing and heart rate monitoring. It is used primarily for those struggling with anxiety, trauma, and PTSD. While many of these clients are too dysregulated to begin to control their breathing and heart rate on their own, with the assistance of entrainment, most of these people quickly and effectively learn to breathe.

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